China High Voltage Protection Device

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China High Voltage Protection Device China High Voltage Protection Device

China High Voltage Protection Device Details Name: Porcelain isolate disconnect switch Type: 25kV porcelain isolate disconnect switch Related type: 15kV,27kV,38kV,72.5kV,123kV, 145kV porcelain isolate disconnect switch Voltage Range: 15kV~145kV Standard: IEC60694 Colors: Brown/Grey Application: Distribution electric system Description The Porcelain Isolate Disconnect Switch is commonly used in low voltage switchgear for starting and stopping motors, and for isolating loads during maintenance. It is available in single and triple pole types and can replace current distribution power systems outdoors for sectionalisation and switching of no-load circuits. It is very safe to use as it opens and closes with minimal effort and can be closed from either side, so the disconnection path is clearly visible and easy to operate. Features This Porcelain Isolate Disconnect Switch is a high-voltage switchgear with a composite structure, which is suitable for applications such as outdoor voltage and no-load line network, and can avoid misoperations such as grounded live and composite flash locks. The operator does not need to plug in the ground wire when in use, and it is protected by an anti-corrosion hook made of galvanized steel inside, which can be used with a load disconnect tool to increase its service life. In addition, it can also work in the field of dirty high-voltage electrical conduction, and improve the pollution problem of the working environment. Parameters Technical Specifications: Lightning Impulse withstand voltage(kV)Power frequency withstand voltage(kV) kV Nom (MAX)Current CONT.(A)Lightning impulse withstand voltageAcross the isolation distancePower frequency withstand voltage to earthAcross the isolation distanceShort cirtuit withstand 15630125140505525.0 125031.5 200040.0 25.8630150165707725.0 125031.5 200040.0 386302002209510525.0 125031.5 72.580045052018521025.0 125031.5 12380055063023026525.0 125031.5 14580065075027531525.0 125031.5 Our Services: 1. Rich experience in ODM and OEM 2. Excellent One-stop service 3. High Quality Precision Customized forging Casting services 4. The lowest price 5. Strict quality control 6. We can manufacture it according to customers requirements. FAQ: Q: When can I get the price? A: Usually we quote within 8 hours after we get your inquiry. Q: What's your MOQ? A: In Generally,the MOQ is 100pcs,If we have the products in stock, it will be no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer's exact situation Q: When can I get the price? A: Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. Q: Where are you located? A: Our factory located at Liling City,Hunan Province,China. Q: Can you produce according to the samples? A: Yes,we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery? A: Yes,we have routine test before delivery. Q: Could you offer Form E,C/O or 3rd Party Test report? A: Yes,we can offer,we also can apply the embassy stamp for you if necessary.China High Voltage Protection Device website: