We all surely know that love requires obedience. And these are some of the Master’s commands.



We all surely know that love requires obedience. And these are some of the Master’s commands.


1. Love one another, as I have loved you.

2. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.

3. Lay not up treasure on earth but layup treasure in heaven.

4. Love your enemies. Pray for them that despitefully use you.

Sometimes, the commands of the Master seem so difficult, don’t they? We feel we come so short of what He expects of us, and we ask, “How can I be faithful?”

Friend, love is the answer. Love Yahshua Messiah, and you will NOT find it tedious, or difficult to keep His commands!

The Master says, “If you love Me, you will keep My command.” A person in love will do anything for his beloved. Yes, so very much rests upon our love relationship to the Master. Do you find yourself reluctant, or heavy-footed in obeying the Redeemer Master? Then look to your love relationship to Him !


I have said that our love relationship to the Redeemer Master must be cultivated. It must grow, for there are such depths and heights to this relationship which have hardly entered into our minds as possible.

But it's quite possible that love may decline. Love for our Master, our Bridegroom may easily decline. All you must do for love to decline, is nothing! Just ignore the need to spend time with the Redeemer and to cultivate your relationship, and you will find it declining.

Certainly, the failure is never on the Savior’s part. His love is constant, and He waits always to manifest His love to, and in, you.

The Ephesian congregation (church) was a live, evangelistic, active, zealous congregation. They had known great love for Messiah, but when the Master sent a message to them by John, He rebuked them because they had left their first love.

“To the messenger of the congregation of Ephesus, write: These things says He who holds all things, and the seven stars in His right hand, He walking in the midst of the seven golden menorahs: I know your works, and your labor, and your patience, and that you cannot bear evil ones; and you tried those pretending to be apostles and are not, and found them to be liars. And you have patience and have borne burdens on account of My name and have not wearied. Nevertheless, I have something against you, because you left your first love. Then remember from where you have fallen, and repent, and do the first works. And if not, I am coming to you quickly, and will remove your menorah (lampstand) from its place, unless you repent.” Revelation 2: 1-5

The love these believers left was their love for their Master - their Beloved. Their love had declined, and their relationship was declining. O how saddened the Redeemer Master was. And yet, more than sadness; He regarded it as a grievous sin - something that needed to be repented of.

More than their service, the Redeemer wanted their love. Before their exploits, before their exercise of spiritual gifts, before their miracles, and casting out of demons, He wanted their love.

They had known deep love; it was their FIRST love; and now the Redeemer Master calls them to remember - to remember their former love for Him.

 “Remember the earlier times when you longed for My Presence and to linger in the garden with Me. Remember the former fragrance you emanated, - the radiance of My Presence.

 “Remember how your love overflowed and expressed itself in zeal for winning souls for our Kingdom. You longed to tell everyone of your wonderful Saviour. You were willing to go anywhere for Me. You were willing to die for Me. You would gladly embrace the fiery faggots if it would bring honor and souls to My Kingdom!

“But now? O look from where you have fallen. No longer is there the same zeal. Prayer has become tiresome. Bible study tedious. Soul winning, a thing of the past. O yes, you are still active, but the fragrance is no longer there.

“You have become indifferent to the plight of perishing souls, and to our Father’s desire that no-one should perish! Other things have crept in. Other loves have successfully bidden for your time and attention.

“O Ephesians! Why have you left your First Love? Have I been a disappointment to you? Have I ever been unfaithful? Has one word of My promise ever failed? How have you tired of My love so soon?

“O how you have drifted! Your love has declined. You have failed to cultivate this most vital of all relationships. Repent! Confess your sin, your failure, and turn again with a whole heart to your Beloved. Come to the garden alone. Meet Me there. Gaze again into the eyes of your loving Saviour. Remember My sufferings on your behalf. Listen to My loving voice. Let Me overwhelm you once more with My love.”