It doesn't take much for a building to come crashing down once the foundation has been destroyed.

America was built upon the sure foundation of the Christian faith, and yes America is very much a Christian nation regardless of what certain people say. The Founding Fathers had a deep faith in God, and formed a new nation where it's citizens could worship God freely according to the dictates of their own conscious. 

Liberals have been chipping away at the foundation of this nation for many years, and it's too the point where the foundation in so weakened, I am concerned about how long it will hold up. A weakened foundation cannot support the weight of a building for very long, something must be done to restrengthen it. This is tedious work as it requires the building to be jacked up off its foundation, and the foundation repaired. 

America's foundation is a spiritual, moral foundation expressly relating to God and His Holy Word. The entire concept of individual liberty is derived from the Sacred Scriptures, without them, there remains no true liberty for the citizen. America with its Biblical roots uprooted will leave it a dead nation. Our foundation is crumbling, it's almost to the point of collapsing our nation once and for all. There is only a short window of opportunity for us to react, and save this nation from imploding. 

Most everyone lives in a house, apartment, or a condo of some kind. Go into your basement if you have one, and knock the foundation from under it, and see what happens? Your house will fall into the hole where your foundation once supported it, now your house is destroyed! 

It's the same with America! Once the enemies of faith and freedom get finished knocking from beneath us our spiritual and moral foundation, based upon the Word of the Living God, America will collapse into a black hole it may never, ever get out of. This should scare every God-fearing American into action! We cannot sit idly by why others hack away at our foundation, we MUST engage the enemy! 

God is the one who founded this great land, and it will be God who can repair the foundation, and heal this land again. This can only happen as we the American people wake up and realize what is happening, and get off our butts and take action. The action that must be taken is that for each of us to fall upon our knees before the giver of liberty, the Lord Almighty, and repent of our personal and national sins! 

Only when we humble ourselves will God respond to our cries for help. This MUST happen now, not sometime in the future, our time to react is very limited as our nation is not going to last much longer if we persist in defying God instead of relying on him.  

The Bible says that if the foundations are destroyed, what shall the righteous do? 

Once this nation's foundation is gone, and she collapses, I am afraid it will be too late to do anything. Now is the time to repent and turn back to God America, NOW!