Genshin Impact: Diona Best Builds, Weapons & Teams

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If you're wanting to master Diona, a strong Cryo Support character in Genshin Impact, this guide's got you covered

If you're wanting to master Diona, a strong Cryo Support character in Genshin Impact accounts, this guide's got you covered.

The first new 4-Star to become added to Genshin Impact post-release in 1.1. Diona is a strong Cryo supporter since her debut, even outperforming Zhongli before his buffs in 1.3.

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Diona doesn't release a lot of damage, but her shielding and healing make her an excellent support for just about any team, especially along with other Cryo units which will gain an increase in Crit Rate from Cryo resonance together with her. But how in the event you build Diona to aid her team? Well, continue reading our help guide to find out.

Diona Best Build Artifact Sets

Diana isn't a DPS character, so all of her artifact sets are centered on improving her like a supporting character.

4-Piece Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is the greatest set for Diona because it will increase her ability like a support her team. The 2-Piece bonus increases Elemental Burst damage by 20%, which isn't too impressive on Diona, as her burst isn't often employed for its DPS. However, The 4-Piece bonus increases the whole team's attack by 20% for 12 seconds, which is useful, as lots of Dina's support originates from her burst, so you will probably be using it a great deal.

2-Piece Emblem Of Severed Fate, 2-Piece Tenacity Of The Millelith

This build may benefit the team by increasing Diona's Shield Strength and Healing by buffing her HP in addition to her Energy recharge but might not be as useful like a 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige set. 2-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate increases Energy Recharge by 20%, and 2-Piece Tenacity from the Millelith increases HP by 20%.

Diana's Best 5-Star 4-Star Weapons

Diona advantages of any weapon by having an Energy Recharge sub-stat, including many from the standard 4-Star Gacha weapons that may be obtained from any banner.

5-Star Weapon: Elegy For The End

Elegy for that End may be the only 5-Star weapon that benefits Diona as a supporting character. At Level 90, the Base ATK stands at 608 by having an Energy Recharge Sub-Stat of 55.1%. The passive increases Elemental Mastery by 60, which doesn't benefit Diona much. However, the passive also build Sigil's every 0.2 seconds whenever the smoothness hits a rival with their Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst — whilst off the field. Once the smoothness has obtained 4 Sigils, they'll consume the Sigils to increase their Elemental Mastery by 100 as well as their ATK by 20% for 12 seconds. Once this really is triggered, it cannot be activated again for an additional 20 seconds.

Diona's Elemental Burst will deal damage at set intervals with time, allowing her to construct these Sigils easily, making it an excellent option for her as a supporting character — particularly when coupled with 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige.

Elegy for that End is Venti's signature weapon and it is featured on weapon banners that run beside him.

4-Star Weapons: Sacrificial Bow Favonius Warbow

Sacrificial Bow is the greatest 4-Star weapon for Diona. At level 90, Sacrificial Bow has a 565 Base ATK as well as an Energy Recharge Sub-Stat of 30.6%. The Passive can be quite useful; at refinement rank 5, when an Elemental Skill hits a rival, we have an 80% opportunity to immediately end the Elemental Skill's cooldown, which could occur once every 16 seconds. This allows Diona to cast her skill a second time to produce more elemental particles in order to refresh the amount of her Shield, with a maximum of 12 seconds duration assuming all of the Icy Paws from her Hold Elemental Skill hits.

Sacrificial Bow is really a standard 4-Star weapon, meaning you will get it from any banner.

Favonius Warbow is yet another great weapon for Diona. Favonius Warbow at level 90 includes a Base ATK of 454 as well as an Energy Recharge Sub-stat of 61.3%. The passive (at refinement rank 5) includes a 100% opportunity to create additional particles when hitting a rival with a Critical hit from an Elemental Skill, which could occur once every 6 seconds. This isn't as useful as Sacrificial Bow for creating more particles and can still be beneficial in getting more energy for Diona to make use of her Elemental Burst.

Diana's Best Team Compositions

Freeze Team

Diana works well as support in a team that concentrates on Cryo reactions, typically the most popular of that being Freeze.

In this team, Kokomi applies Hydro to allow Diona and Ayaka to trigger freeze and supply additional healing alongside Diona's Elemental Burst, making the party extremely hard to kill. Ayaka is capable of dealing huge levels of damage together with her Elemental Burst, and Diona increases its Crit Rate through Cryo Resonance as well as helps create particles for Ayaka to regenerate her Burst. Meanwhile, Kazuha shreds Cryo resistance while using the Viridescent Veneerer artifact set whilst providing buffs to they's Cryo damage.

This team can function with other units for example Chongyun to exchange Ayaka because of the Cryo main DPS. Xingqiu works just in addition to Kokomi to use Hydro for freeze, and Sucrose can shred Cryo Resistance much like Kazuha — assuming she's the Viridescent artifact set.

This team may also be adjusted right into a Melt team by replacing Kazuha with Xiangling. However, Ayaka could be somewhat frustrating to experience in a melt team, so Ganyu or Chongyun might be better options (Ganyu won't be able to trigger Freeze with Xingqiu, as his Elemental Burst only coordinates with Normal Attacks, so Kokomi is heavily recommended). Diana works especially well in Melt teams at Constellation level 6 thanks to the Elemental Mastery bonus she'll provide to allies in her own burst.

Physical/Superconduct Team

Physical teams really are a niche play style but nonetheless worth mentioning. Fischl can trigger Superconduct enough together with her Elemental Skill, while Rosaria serves like a useful Sub-Dps who are able to shred Physical resistances and increase Crit Rate. Eula will act because the main DPS thanks towards the massive levels of Physical Damage she will deal with together with her Elemental Burst (although she could be replaced with Razor if preferred). Meanwhile, Diona will give you shields and heals to offer they more survivability.