Christianity Is In Trouble

The Tide is Turning Against Evangelical Christianity. We are in Big Trouble!

This nation was indeed founded upon Judeo Christian Principles obtained from the Holy Word of God, and codified into our laws and reflected in our founding documents.  We have relied on the fact that our founding was faith-based and we have lived as though we would never lose our precious liberties but that does not seem to the case as we are only one election away from losing everything we have known for so long.

The enemies are at the door as we speak and they are salivating for the next election so they can take control of our Government and turn it against the people it is supposed to represent and serve.  Globally the tide is turning on Christianity and nationally we see the same trend taking place even now and I believe that we are in deep, deep trouble unless we change our own ways now and start living out what we claim we believe and start radically evangelizing the lost with the Gospel of Christ.

I believe that over the last 100 years in America that we have seen many Christians abandon the faith in practice but not in appearance. In other words, many have the look and feel of knowing God and Jesus yet they do not read and study God's Word not spend real time in prayer.  Evangelism has replaced by works of social justice that have nothing to do with the Gospel and a breakdown in understanding of what it means to live Holy and Pure before God. 

Matt. 15:8 - "These people, says God, honor me with their words, but their heart is really far away from me."

I am afraid that many have come to a superficial knowledge of God and are being spooned fed bits of Bible truth because they are not mature enough in the faith to handle the meat of the Word. Or it could be that the shepherds themselves are not preaching what needs to be preached instead opt for teaching fluffy sermons that lack any power of God in them at all. These are not the ones that will be heavily affected when the boot drops on us, many will simply scatter back into the world.

Society has taken a dim view of true Christianity for a very long time this is nothing new but the popular opinion of those who follow Christ is souring more and more as we do not agree with them and oppose their radical socialist agendas. You should be expecting to be persecuted even physically as they are growing in their hostility towards Christians who dare to directly oppose them in a public way.

Recently Brian Sims stood in front of an abortion clinic (death house) and yelled "Shame...Shame...Shame on you" at the pro-life women standing in front of the clinic trying to call out women not to kill their children.  Mr. Sims had the audacity to insult the women by referring to them as "pseudo-Christians" because in his twisted mind he believes that real Christians don't oppose stopping women from obtaining the health care they need. Never mind that abortion has nothing to do with healthcare and that two enter the clinic but only one gets to leave alive.

Brain Sims like most on the left have a backward view on most moral issues, and they are the ones involved in pseudo-Christianity or the fake religion that calls itself Christianity yet does not represent Jesus Christ and His True Gospel one iota. The religion that justifies evil by calling good evil and evil good. Shame....Shame...Shame on you Brian Sims!

Abortion should have been stopped years except for the fact that the Church was too afraid to speak up and get involved in abolishing it.  Only a handful of believers can be found at any location in America standing in front of the clinics or on a street corner, or even daring to speak up and call for abolition.  What are they afraid of?  They are afraid of what others will say and do to them if they dare to rock the boat so they keep silent, and most pulpits are silent which is a huge part of the problem.

When they come for your guns you better not give them up and if you do then all our other Constitutional Rights will disappear as well.  Christian, will you change your ways now?  Will you start praying like a madman for this nation?  Will you beg God to raise up the Church to engage society with the Gospel and bring about the end of abortion? 

God forgive us for we have lost the awe of who you are and we have become so busy in our own lives that we have not taken the time to read your Word and actually spend time in prayer for our nation. Lord stir in us the fires of revival and may the fire spread to others till the whole Church is burning for you until our passion returns for you alone.  Amen!