Meet Rob White, The BookFest Award Winner For May

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Rob White’s wisdom will help you bring your life on track.

International best-selling author and life coach Rob White has quite a lot of wisdom to share with those who aim to improve their lives. In his latest offering, The Maestro Monologue, Rob White conveys to his readers a compelling tool to view their lives with an exciting and new perspective.

While there are several personal development books to choose from, Rob White's book puts a new spin on the notion of self-help. He believes everyone is born a Maestro with an innate ability to convert their greatest fantasies into tangible realities. However, despite the strong inherent powers residing deep inside us, we let our minds get hijacked by a dark entity - the Intruder. This distracts us from living up to our full potential and deviates us from our goals or to achieve greatness.

Rob White's excellent resource helps individuals defeat the Intruder and regain control of their lives. This magical wisdom was condensed into an accessible, easy-to-read book that won White 'The BookFest Book Award' in May 2022.

Recently, White appeared on the Going North Podcast hosted by Dominique Brightmon, the best-selling author of Stay the Course. In this incredible interaction, Rob White shared some helpful tips and strategies for leading a happy and successful life.

According to White, the secret to being an outrageous success is that you need to learn how to talk to yourself in a way that always encourages you to do your best. It is about discovering your inner self and broadly viewing your life's wrongs to address the main issue. You can't just smear over things that aren't working in your favor with peanut butter.

Now, you must be wondering, what does this even mean? This means that don't just make positive affirmations to make yourself feel better. "I'm healthy," "I'm happy," "I'm brave," and so on. This won't do much good to you if you aren't actually taking a proactive approach to resolving the deep-rooted problems in your life.

White had a difficult childhood growing up in a small mill town in an impoverished household. From a very young age, he figured out that life would be challenging, and he had to grow up early for his age.

Despite the several hardships he encountered in life, some kind souls helped White become who he is today. One of those people was his high school principal. One day, he pulled White into his office and said, "Bobby, you know you have a winning attitude, and you're going to win one day. But sometimes, you're going to lose. Please don't be so gloomy when it happens because there might be a win in that loss. So, keep your chin up and tell yourself that whatever the circumstances, you will always win in the end."

This was indeed an eye-opening interaction for White, and it taught him a powerful lesson: never to give up in the face of adversity.

The Bottom Line

If you want to learn more about what Rob White says about life and success, don't forget to check out his book. You can buy your copy from Amazon right now.