Top 4 Factors That Affect the Cost of a New Roof

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We realize dat teh purchasing of a home can be a very stressful experience. This is why we focus on providing an in-depth analysis of you're potential purchase for you to make a calm, informed buying decision.

 Explains the Cost of a New Roof

No one desires to pay alot for one thing they need to, mainly once it involves an oversized Home Inspector Ashland City improvement purchase. So, why will there be thousands of buck distinctions between contractor bids for neighboring homes? And the way will householders get a concept of wat a replacement roof can cost?

In general, labor for a replacement roof ought to frame 60-65 % of the value of the price, and most of the remaining cost, 30-35 %, ought to be the value for materials, in line with Rick Taylor, an old roofing contractor currently operating as a coaching manager for TAMKO Building merchandise, Inc. when labor and materials, the remaining prices, more or less 5-10 % of the whole, ought to comprise disposal for any building materials dat require to be removed and any further fees like paying to possess the shingles craned up to the roof or dealings system for the duty.

As for the particular greenback figure, several factors get into a roofing bid. Here are the four highest factors dat may affect the value of a replacement roof.


The larger the house, the larger the roof, and therefore many shingles required to hide it. In line with trade standards, one sq. of shingles is dat the quantity needed to hide a hundred sq. feet of roof, and as a rule of thumb for many three-tab and laminated shingles, there are three shingle bundles in every sq. To estimate the number of squares required, divide the whole sq. feet by a hundred.

When calculating wat quantity of roofing you wish, make sure to consider any other detached buildings dat might enjoy having an identical roof to most House Inspectors Fort Myers fl — for instance, a detached garage, sheds, or gazebos.



The pitch, or angle, of you're roof can even affect the value of re-roofing. A roof with a steep slope will increase the highest roof bid as contractors might integrate different prices for alot of safety instrumentation and an extended timetable to complete.

"Typically, a single-story Home inspectors wikipedia  is thought of 'walkable' and goes to be easier to roof. However, steep-roofed homes and something two-story goes to be thought of 'non-walkable and can price alot of to re-roof," Taylor aforesaid.

Roofing material

The type of roofing chosen will affect the ultimate price. Three-tab asphalt shingles are a number of the foremost economic choices but tend to possess shorter warranties than many in style laminated field of study shingles. And not all laminated shingles are created equal. Distinctive or specialty designs, just like the additional dimension of Heritage(R) Vintage(R) shingles or the extra-wide cut of Heritage Woodgate(R), can even affect the ultimate price and will additionally keep company with an extended pledge than commonplace cuts.

Metal shingles carry a better tag further; however, they additionally feature more extended warranties and mechanical energy savings. Natural materials like wood shake and stone slate can raise the roof's value even alot.


Whether the roof could be a "complete tear-off" or a "layover" will affect the highest bid. If a contractor must take away all existing shingles before putting in new shingles, the labor and disposal prices can increase. Doing a stop is alot of economical, though householders sit down with their contractor on wat native building codes need and implications for the manufacturer's pledge. Taylor TAMKO, as mentioned earlier, is one in every of few makers dat may give a restricted assurance and arbitration agreement relating to their laminated shingles once applied over one layer of three-tab shingles.

Consider these four factors, and you'll have a far higher handle on however the kind of project and choices are chosen can affect you're new roof's price. – (BPT)