WotLK Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1-150

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Draenei characters have +5 Jewelcrafting skills due to their passive Gem cutting

Draenei characters have +5 Jewelcrafting skills due to their passive Gem cutting. An extra 5 Jewelcrafting skills mean recipes stay orange for 5 more points, to help you save lots of gold doing lower-level recipes for 10 more points.

1 - 35

Buy a Jeweler's Kit from the Jewelcrafting Supplies vendor near your trainer or General/Trade Goods vendors.

35 - 50

15x Tigerseye Band - 15 Tigerseye, 15 Delicate Copper Wire

You may also make a 15x Malachite Pendant.

50 - 80

50x Bronze Setting - 100 Bronze Bar

Save these. You will require some of them later.

80 - 100

20x Gloom Band - 20 Bronze Setting, 40 Shadowgem, 40 Delicate Copper Wire

WOTLK Classic Gold

100 - 110

10x Ring of Twilight Shadows - 20 Shadowgem, 20 Bronze Bar

You may also continue to make Ring of Silver Might, or you can change to Heavy Jade Ring at 105 for those who have some Jade.

110 - 120

10x Heavy Stone Statue - 80 Heavy Stone

If Heavy Stone is affordable, you'll be able to make this one as much as 130. However, whether it's expensive, you'll be able to keep making Heavy Jade Ring and Ring of Twilight Shadows.

120 - 150

30x Pendant from the Agate Shield - 30 Moss Agate, 30 Bronze Settings

The recipe is sold by Jandia in Thousand Needles at Freewind Post by Neal Allen in Wetlands at Menethil Harbor. It's a restricted-supply recipe, which means you must watch for it to respawn if a person bought it before you decide to. I don't know the precise respawn timer, but it is not that long (5-10 minutes). You may also buy it in the Auction House if you do not want to camp the NPC.

Alternative recipes:

Make an Amulet from the Moon if 2x Lesser Moonstone cost less than one Moss Agate. But this recipe turns yellow at 140, which means you might desire to make more than 30 of those.

Alternatives if players camp the vendors:

Many players in high-population realms may camp these patterns at the start of the expansion and then try to sell them for lots of gold. (The re-stock time is just 5-10 minutes so far as I know). You can use these alternative recipes below.

120 - 136

16x Heavy Jade Ring - 16 Jade, 16 Bronze Setting, 32 Iron Bar

136 - 150

14x Golden Dragon Ring - 14 Jade, 28 Gold Bar, 28 Delicate Copper Wire

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