The Mount Rushmore of FromSoftware Games Explained

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FromSoftware has earned its place among the most legendary RPG developers ever, but several core releases defined its status in the market

FromSoftware has earned its place among the most legendary RPG developers ever, but several core releases defined its status in the market.

Following the record success of 2022’s Elden Ring Runes, FromSoftware Inc. has finally received worldwide recognition right for the developer’s efforts. Based in Japan, FromSoftware continues to be experimenting with the idea of role-playing games since its King’s Field series in the 90s. After a large number of RPG releases through the years, Elden Ring has catapulted its developer from a previously niche territory into the mainstream of gaming by selling over 20 million units. While adventuring with the dark fantasy of The Lands Between has turned into a prolific concept in modern gaming, FromSoft developed to that world through multiple classic entries within the “Soulsborne” genre the studio pioneered.

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Spawning in the troubled growth and development of the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls, genre pioneer Hidetaka Miyazaki took within the project and molded it into the blueprint for modern FromSoftware titles in 2009. While the realm of Boletaria was rather rough around the edges at that time, the initial spirit that will carry with the rest of the studio’s games had been defined by the slow combat and monstrous foes inhabiting a dark, storied atmosphere. FromSoft would take its releases in a number of different directions until finding universal acclaim in 2022, the best of that have served to define the Soulsborne genre in general.

Dark Souls

In the first follow-up to Demon’s Souls, Miyazaki finally reached to build their own vision from the ground up in Dark Souls. Introducing the land of Lordran and also the story of their undead, this 2011 action RPG was quick to earn classic cult status despite Dark Souls' infamous difficulty. With its listing of innovative concepts which were brought towards the table, famously intimidating boss encounters, along with a beautiful yet hazardous world, the initial Dark Souls would set a dark tone for years to come and earn its status among the best game titles of all time for a lot of.

The gameplay of Dark Souls was seen as an evolution when compared with Demon’s Souls in practically every way, feeling less clunky while still maintaining a feeling of unnerving weight that gave importance to every decision. The lore of Dark Souls, while subtly presented, continues to be nothing short of the mythological epic that will be expanded upon with direct sequels within the years that followed. The controversial reception that Dark Souls 2 received afterward, together with Dark Souls 3’s concentrate on callbacks towards the first game, would continue to ratify Dark Souls’ status for a lot of as the peak from the entire genre it played an enormous part in establishing.


A 2015 PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne evolved as the result of FromSoft seizing a chance from Sony to produce a bold new IP. While this outlandish, Victorian-era experiment of the action RPG title had every reason to show out mediocre as well as straight-up fail, FromSoft would wind up releasing what many also say is one of the best game titles of all time. While it might seem hyperbolic following the status of the initial Dark Souls, the realm of Yharnam is widely regarded as one of the most well-realized settings conceived inside a modern release.

Blending the standard Gothic horror such as the ideas of werewolves and vampires by having an unknowable eldritch terror lurking underneath the surface, Bloodborne carved out its very own identity in a massive way. By matching its intense environments most abundant in fast-paced and aggressive combat the developer had ever crafted, the Sony-funded exclusive paints a vivid picture of the brutal world which has fallen into violent depravity. With it having remained extremely influential towards the broader gaming industry while standing alone like a single release from nearly about ten years ago, fans continue to be clamoring for any Bloodborne PC port to this day for any reason.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Of all of the modern FromSoftware titles, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice may be the strangest with a wide margin. Representing the developer’s bravery and willingness to follow their very own heart, Sekiro is really a complete departure from the traditional Soulsborne genre while keeping many core aspects from the gameplay. Ditching the custom character creation and class-building which has defined the genre since Demon’s Souls, Sekiro concentrates on a specific protagonist because he progresses via a fully-voiced narrative. Considering the Soulsborne trend at that time was to not really feature facial animations for talking characters, the high fidelity from the story presented in Sekiro would be a massive step away from the box for FromSoft.

Furthermore, Sekiro served to be an innovator through its groundbreaking combat. FromSoftware shocked many fans if this discarded the methodical swordplay of their previous titles in support of Sekiro’s highly advanced katana battling mechanics. Leaving behind the Poise calculations lumbering parry windows from the past, Sekiro introduced the idea of breaking the opponent’s Posture and allowing the ball player to parry with calculated strikes and deflections that belong to them. Between its fleshed-out characters and nail-bitingly focused combat experience, this adventure with the Sengoku duration of Japan is the most intimate title in FromSoft’s library.

Elden Ring

Nothing lacking mandatory if this comes to being included within the discussion regarding FromSoftware’s most influential works, Elden Ring has been able to redefine the status of fantasy RPGs inside the mainstream for a long time in just more than a year since its February 2022 release. While much of the core content available in The Lands Between continues to be available within FromSoft’s prior releases, the circumstances around Elden Ring’s release were an ideal storm that was needed for the general public to finally click using the formula that began completely back in Demon’s Souls.

Through integrating the taste of lore and world-building found within the Souls titles using the aggressive nature of Bloodborne, FromSoft were able to unite many core concepts of their signature style into what many would think about a magnum opus. The undeniable interest in cheap elden ring runes allows it to keep a valuable place within the community even for people who prefer its predecessors because it has also proven to be an ideal starting point for brand-new players from the genre. With the highly anticipated Shadow from the Erdtree DLC being in development for a while now, Elden Ring is showing no signs and symptoms of slowing down.

Elden Ring can be obtained on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.