Unbreak My Heart cast and story

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Sophia, confessed hat he had composed a piece of music, "Unbreak My Heart," inspired by their love story.

Title: Unbreak My Heart


  1. Sophia: A talented and passionate violinist, the story's central character.
  2. Oliver: A charming and charismatic pianist who becomes Sophia's love interest.
  3. Claire: Sophia's supportive best friend and confidante.
  4. Evelyn: Sophia's demanding and controlling mother.
  5. Michael: Sophia's estranged father who reenters her life.


Sophia, a gifted violinist, dedicated her life to her music, pouring her heart and soul into every note she played. Her life took an unexpected turn when she met Oliver, a charismatic pianist, at a local music school. Their shared passion for music ignited a deep connection, and a beautiful love story began to unfold.

However, Sophia's path to happiness was not without obstacles. Her mother, Evelyn, had always controlled her life and disapproved of her relationship with Oliver. She believed that music was a distraction and that Sophia should focus solely on her career.

Sophia's best friend, Claire, was her unwavering support system. She encouraged Sophia to follow her heart and pursue her love for Oliver, even if it meant defying her mother's wishes.

As Sophia's relationship with Oliver flourished, she faced a challenging decision. A prestigious music school in Europe offered Sophia a scholarship, a dream opportunity that could catapult her career to new heights. However, it meant leaving behind Oliver and their love.

Sophia's mother, Evelyn, pressured her to accept the scholarship, arguing that true artists made sacrifices for their craft. Sophia was torn between her love for Oliver and her passion for music. She accepted the scholarship, believing it was the right path to follow.

Years passed, and Sophia's Pinoy Teleserye career soared. She became an internationally acclaimed violinist, but her heart remained broken. She and Oliver had drifted apart, unable to sustain a long-distance relationship.

One day, Sophia received unexpected news. Her estranged father, Michael, who had left her and her mother when she was a child, was gravely ill and wanted to reconcile. Sophia hesitated but eventually decided to visit her father. Their reunion was emotional, and Sophia learned about the importance of forgiveness and second chances.

During her visit, Sophia received a surprise call from Oliver, who had never stopped loving her.  Sophia was deeply moved and realized that she couldn't let their love slip away.

Sophia returned to her hometown, determined to mend her broken heart and reunite with Oliver. She confronted her mother, Evelyn, explaining that while music was her passion, love was equally important. Sophia decided to prioritize her happiness and love for Oliver, even if it meant taking a step back from her illustrious career.

Sophia and Oliver rekindled their romance, performing "Unbreak My Heart" together at a local concert. Their love story, with its ups and downs, became an inspiration to those who witnessed their performance.

"Unbreak My Heart" became a symbol of love's resilience and the importance of following one's heart. Sophia learned that true happiness lay not only in her career but also in the love she shared with Oliver and the forgiveness she had found with her father. In the end, love prevailed, and Sophia's heart was unbroken once more