Abolish mandatory face masks and abolish mandatory vaccines! (Part 2)

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abolish mandatory face masks
abolish mandatory vaccines

Abolish mandatory face masks and abolish mandatory vaccines! (Part 2)


Last night I made a Blog and I was trying to tell people about my progress in handing out fliers opposing face masks and opposing vaccines. Anyway if you look at my blog in the picture it gives as a title in big white print: “My flier on Mandatory Face Masks and Mandatory Vaccines are wrong.” Folks there is NO WAY I would have made that statement (“are wrong”) and I don’t know how “are wrong” got in there. My position is that I am 100% against Face Masks, burn those Face Masks! Plus I am 100% against vaccines! Vaccines can be very dangerous, especially the coronavirus vaccines being used today. They are not vaccines; they are Bill “depopulation” Gates’ poison (mRNA-bioweapons). My article about abolishing Mandatory Face Masks and abolishing Mandatory vaccines is CORRECT, not wrong! I did try to delete or remove the entire blog but I couldn’t and that is one of the reasons why I am writing this blog. I must make the correction.


Below I have explained how I was handing out copies of my article/blog exposing and urging people to abolish mandatory face masks and abolish mandatory vaccines. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES!


For many months now I have been talking to people about the coronavirus “vaccines”/mRNA bioweapons. I have done my best to tell people that the vaccines are extremely dangerous. Some listen and others don’t. Anyway I just finished writing an article on coronavirus entitled: “Abolish mandatory face masks and abolish mandatory vaccines!” I emailed this article to Office Depot and they printed it out as soon as I got there. I then put it on their copy machine and ran off 50 copies. It is a page and a half. I could not get it all on 1 page but that is ok. It is all very important information that needs to be on the flier. As I said I printed 50 copies of both pages and stapled both pages together. I started handing them out this afternoon. I did not put any fliers on the car windows in shopping centers. No Way! They will end up on the ground. I did not randomly give them out either, to people who I never met. I put them in the hands of people who I at least met and talk to. I might not know their names but at least they know who I am. Today I handed out about 10 fliers. Tomorrow I will try to hand out another 10. I hope to at least get people thinking and question the lies they see in the establishments TV media. One 25 year old woman read my entire flier on her break at Walmart. She told me later that she loved it and agreed with it. Wow! Anyway I will keep trying to hand them out every day. I am also going to try to get to the management of these big chain stores like Walmart, Publix, and many others.