Rocket League Update 1 34 is coming this Wednesday

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Rocket League Update 1 34 is coming this Wednesday

Rocket League Update 1.34 is coming this Wednesday, May 10, and players gets the chance to compete once more in a acquainted area, with Rocket League Credits a new battle-car and new upgrades.

"Your feedback has been heard! Neo Tokyo is returned," publisher Psyonix introduced nowadays on its Rocket League internet site. Neo Tokyo has been redesigned to eliminate the parallel ramps on both side. It makes its go back as a preferred arena in all playlists, in addition to Competitive and Private matches.

The vintage version of Neo Tokyo, first brought last yr, will be to be had once more too. Renamed Tokyo Underpass, it is going to be playable in offline and Private suits handiest. It replaces the prevailing Underpass map, in an effort to be moved out of the rotation as of this replace.

If you cherished the Batmobile in the 2016 Batman v Superman DLC, get a take a look at the brand new war-car approximately to Buy Rocket League Credits hit the game. The Mantis is "fully customizable and has an all-new look, but it uses the same low, flat hitbox, and flip radius because the Batmobile."