G3 Series 80mm 220V Medium Inertia Servo Motor With Keyway

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Encoder resolution:17bit/23bit/24bit
Insulation class:F
Degree of protection:IP65

The main features and advantages of our G3 series 80mm 220V medium inertia servo motor with keyway:
1. Medium inertia design, with high stability and control performance;
2. With keyway design, easy to connect and drive, suitable for all kinds of transmission systems;
3. High performance power, can complete high load, high-speed control tasks;
4. High-precision control system, can achieve accurate speed, position, torque control, suitable for high-precision control system;
5. High reliability and durability, using high-quality electrical components and mechanical components, suitable for a variety of intermittent cycle motion applications.
GETE G3 series 80mm 220V medium inertia servo motor with keyway is a high performance, high precision, high efficiency motor, suitable for a variety of high load, high speed, high precision control system.