Therapist Locally and Crowdpoint Distributor Globally

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As a Certified Rolfer I help people locally. I diversified and expanded my business worldwide with Crowdpoint Technologies as a Distributor at the Advanced Medicine Exchange. I'm now helping people to improve their health globally.

What is Rolfing Structural Integration?

It’s a holistic system of a bodywork that uses deep manipulation of soft tissue and movement education to realign and balance the body’s myofascial structure with the field of gravity.

With my client consent, I'll showcase his picture comparing his posture before we started his treatments, and after we had 8 Rolfing treatments. The difference is clear: it works.

Working with Rolfing I can only help a limited number of people locally. To follow my mission to optimize health and inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle, I joined Crowdpoint Technologies.

Being part of Crowdpoint Ecosystem at the Advanced Medicine Exchange, I can help people around the world to improve their health. As a Crowdpoint Distributor, 
I have my online store and I help people improve their health by selling products that I love and believe in. It's so exciting to work worldwide and at the same time help small business around the world.

You can join us and be part of this amazing journey into the future.

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