The Greatest Scam in History

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Catastrophic anthropogenic climate change is the greatest scam in world history. With the current influx of wildly irresponsible politicians the fanatics in this twisted cult are renewing their horrific 'solutions' to this imaginary problem. Get involved and stop them before it

PART 1 of 25

With a complex subject like Climate Change, there really is no one article, website or publication that you can point out to someone that will educate them sufficiently on the subject to make an informed decision. Although everyone on the internet seems to try!

I have spent a tremendous amount of my spare time over the past 15+ years since my conversion from believer to skeptic doing research, attending conferences and debating with people (mostly research). I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and reference material in that time which has continually reinforced my conclusion that catastrophic anthropogenic climate change (CACC) is the greatest scam in history.

However after reflecting on the numerous debates I have been involved with over the years I realized that the bits and pieces of research that I bring to the table do not provide anywhere near enough information to counter the incessant propaganda of the global CACC believer network or overcome peoples strong desire to believe in this scam, feel good about themselves, and be accepted by fellow believers.

The majority of people outside the science/academic community believe because they've been told to believe their whole lives and they're made to feel guilty or attacked personally if they don't believe. "Skeptics are horrible people who don't care about pollution, children or the planet" - lies. Most believers I run across have never even heard the other side of the debate, they don't even know there is any debate, they've been told debate itself is a threat!

Many of the believers I have spoken with draw an immense sense of pride and comfort from the belief that they are fighting to 'save the planet'. It gives them a heroic purpose in their life and they love themselves for it and are furious with anybody who dares to disagree with them. The sanctimonious outrage is universal and frankly alarming. As far as they know there is no downside to believing, skeptics are evil (or blindly ignorant), they are good.

With the growing influence of the global internet/social media network, propaganda has evolved into virtual human programming (brainwashing). Almost none of the 'mainstream' information sources broadcast/publish/post anything except horrific climate predictions and supportive stories about CACC. The scope of the absurd claims we have been bombarded with is unbelievable:

The complete list of things caused by global warming


In science and academia, both student and teacher alike are attacked and silenced (or worse) if they dare to question CACC. Sadly as a result we're not turning out very many educated people who have the ability, desire or courage to base their research, opinions and career on logic and facts. Support the consensus and the grant money and career advancement opportunities will follow, go against it and your career is over.

So instead of getting involved in an endless series of obscure debates with individual believers, I decided to utilize my Linkedin platform to publish in these articles the best research that I have found which educated me about CACC and exposed the scam. If you care enough to be worried, involved or just pontificate about CACC then you should be confident enough to read information that contradicts your opinion - if for no other reason than to hopefully strengthen your argument by being able to prove me (or my information) wrong! Don't just accept my opinion (or anyone else), read for yourself and see how long it takes before you question the hysterical mob mentality driving global CACC hysteria.

Debates on CACC always vacillate between the politics and the science - I will do my best to address both in these articles. Which brings us to my very first point of contention; Debate! An honest person with truth and facts on their side would never refuse to debate a subject. Since the CACC story started to really pick up momentum the strategy of the believers has been "the science is settled", no debate or dissension is allowed.

That should start the first warning bells ringing in your ears! Why would anyone refuse to debate? That's how you convince people that you are right! That's how you convince people to take action! Would you take a "no discussion allowed, the subject is closed" from anyone on any other critical subject - personal or business? Why would you tolerate it on a subject that (supposedly) involves the very survival of you, your family and the entire human race?

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent worldwide every year on CACC and there are plenty of billionaires and global corporations (most of them in fact) who are vocal, enthusiastic proponents of CACC theories. If this issue is so critical to our very survival why wouldn't they take the time and spend some of that money to fund some widely publicized debates to show the world and convince people that the skeptics are wrong?

The reason is that they lose debates. When the facts are presented, regardless of the composition of the audience, they lose. It happened every time they tried, which is why they decided long ago that they had to stop participating in debates and stick with lectures dripping with arrogance, hysteria and propaganda ["I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience." - Al Gore].

If they can't win a simple debate, why would anyone believe them about their catastrophic predictions and unrealistic solutions?

Which brings us to the main point of Part 1; Why? How?

One of the major political arguments used by believers is WHY would all these educated, intelligent and presumably ethical people participate in a scam? If it were a scam, HOW could it possibly have taken in so many billions of people around the world?

Valid question. This is where you must read and understand this material [homework!] if you are ever going to understand the basics of how CACC could possibly be a scam!

It all started decades ago with the corruption of science itself, as brilliantly chronicled here by Dr. Richard S. Lindzen from MIT:

The origins of the corruption of science: Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?


...and further supported by current research documenting the natural progression of scientific corruption via government and financial influences - happening all around the world:

Is the Government Buying Science or Support? A Framework Analysis of Federal Funding-induced Biases


...and this has evolved into a full-blown climate 'cartel' dictating science and fully prepared to destroy anybody who dares to contradict their manufactured consensus:

Professor Resigns Due to “Craziness” Over Climate Science


This is just the tip of the iceberg (sorry, couldn't resist)! Every single aspect of CACC theories can be questioned (and will be) if not fully debunked! Get educated, get involved, refuse to be intimidated! This scam has always been about money and power, and you will not like the consequences if you let them tax you with their carbon credit schemes, destroy the affordable and reliable fossil fuel industry in favor of a heavily subsidized and politicized alternative energy industry (that will never be capable of meeting the full energy needs of a modern world), and redistribute wealth as their ultimate global 'solution' to this scam.

Closing Quote for Part 1:

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

- Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations

Kim Curtis 1 year ago

Climate change IS happening but, mankind has little or no bearing on it. It would happen even if mankind didn't exist and everything else were the same!
It IS a very good way for the elite to pick up on it to cause a lot of mis/disinformation and to help the NWO along on its not so merry way!
It is also a good way to scam billions of dollars out of the pockets of the unwary!

Von Meyers 1 year ago

Ever hear of Geo-Engineering, It's been around since the mid-1940's. Also, just google . There is a climate change problem, but it's not because of our lifestyle, it is because of deliberate and large scale interference by geo engineering.

Ben Tawake 2 years ago

Its all coming together according to Scripture.
Mankind cannot save itself. Evil people with evil scheme

robert strayhall 2 years ago

climate change is a hoax,the weather is different every darn day,just a way too scam more money from people carbon taxes

Lisa Topolnicki 2 years ago

They have to use something to bring about the one world government.

Don K 2 years ago

Thank you for the post!
I find it amazing that, with 222 views so far, no one has a comment. No one? Does anyone really care about this article or the derangement of Government within the U.N. who advocate for taxes and regulation under what they call "sustainability"? I have no less than 12 bookmarks on my computer linking to articles that blow "Climate Change" right out of the water.