Metacritic listed the 15 Best NBA 2K Games

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It's not a new thing to MT 2K22 see in-game advertising, and it's definitely not fake billboards or real-life sponsors. Madden NFL 10 began with it on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. The game also featured adverts for the game's pre-game Snickers a decade ago.

EA Sports introduced unskippable advertisements in UFC 4 (and 2018's UFC 3) in the month of September. The UFC 4 launch was on August 4th on Xbox One and Windows PC. EA Sports apologized to the UFC fans and removed all advertisements.

The publisher noted that in-game advertisement was "not new to the UFC franchise," but said its inclusion "should have been made clear to athletes prior to the time."

It's obvious that NBA 2K is the best basketball game franchise. In the right way to begin with NBA 2K, it became immediately a threat to EA Sports' NBA Live, which was the highest point on the food chain at the time. Through the years, 2K so routinely beat Live that EA stopped playing and rebooted their NBA Live series.

With more than twenty years of entries, it's interesting to look back to the time NBA 2K was at its best. With the help of the ratings available on Metacritic the games had the highest scores in Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins the history of the franchise, being among the best NBA 2K games, ranked.