You can watch the video of the announcement below

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Madden 22's first member to be rated 99 is Davante Adams who plays wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers. It's not the first time he's been a member of Mut Coins the 99 Club. This is not surprising considering how talented the player is. EA was pleasantly surprised Adams as he played golf with a present package that included an exclusive 99 necklace, as well as a note signed by John Madden himself--check out the video below.

Aaron Donald, a Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle, is the 2nd 99 Club Member. It is his fifth time to earn the top rating in Madden. You can watch the video of the announcement below.

As I mentioned previously, ESPN will be revealing Madden 22 ratings every week. Keep checking GameSpot for more information and discover where your favorite player ranks.

The first Madden 22 player ratings were released on Sunday, as EA removed the covers off the rookie ratings. Mac Jones, the new QB of the New England Patriots, guessed that his OVR would be 66 but it was actually 71. Wide receiver Travis Etienne of the Jacksonville Jaguars believed that his short route running speed was 87, but it was actually 67. "Ooh it's rude, man!" The rapper says in the video. The whole thing is here:

The top 10 wide receivers have also been announced and Devante Adams leading the list to Cheap Madden 22 Coins no surprise. DeAndre Hopkins (98 OVR), Tyreek Hill (98 OVR), Stefon Diggs (97 OVR) and Julio Jones (95 OVR) round out the top five. Below is the Top 10 list.