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The range of Kubota tractors (Kubota) mainly consists of small machines with high maneuverability and affordable cost. For work with high tractive effort, the concern produces equipment of the M series, with a capacity of up to 140 hp.

The Japanese concern has set up serial production of tractor equipment since the 60s of the last century. The results of the corporation's half-century presence on the market are more than a hundred different products and 4 basic series. The Kubota tractor lineup mainly contains middle class equipment and compact units. The manufacturer produces special equipment in the engine power range: 18 - 140 hp. These indicators are sufficient for the operation of machines from the private sector to municipal services and large agricultural holdings.


Basic series of Kubota tractors
The variable range of Kubota's special equipment has a set of common features. The models combine maneuverability and compactness with sufficient traction for agricultural operations. Completely, the Kubota tractor range includes 4 series:

1)BX. The line is succinctly described as a mini tractor unit, where the main emphasis is on the safety of the operator. Cars with power up to 25 hp optimal for use in private households.


2) B. Compact tractors Kubota targeted at small-scale farming. High maneuverability and small dimensions of the devices are aimed at working in confined spaces. Alternatively, the B series models are an excellent choice for landscaping.
3) L. Series additionally focused on the utility sector. Power 30 h.p. enough for laying pipelines, cleaning territories. The functionality of the units expands the ability to install auxiliary working units: buckets, bulldozer dumps.

4) M. Models with the most powerful engine of the Kubota tractor.