I figure it should rain now before it begins to rain in Runescape

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In the end I had a lot of fun verbally attacking this guy and crushing his hopes. Is it not enough for you to see 99 FM'ers in untrimmed caps, in the thousands? The majority of them don't have Adze. There are other abilities they require and a lot of them are at a low level (60-80). The smart alecs have attitudes.

I've had at least 3 arguments with nubs who think they are better than me. This is because I don’t wear my 99 cape all day long OSRS Accounts. Although I don't believe I'm able to discuss my 99-flytching but I did fletch to earn money for a long time. I stopped around the 96-hour mark and then decided I might as well add it as an opportunity to reduce my already 99 strength. 99 fm is a poor excuse for an '99. The 99 fletch cape I have is not something I pride in wearing or sporting.

Ok, so about 5 minutes ago, i was killing like a pro in the kuradel dungeon and here I am slaying a few abyssals and I notice two people having a really in depth conversation. I normally would avoid them and go on with my assignment but a particular line caught my eye. "No Way, dude, black people can't even afford to participate in this sport." It was hilarious! My stomach was so aching that my balls began to get painful.

I generally avoid arguments that are petty. That's right I let them fight it out until they are called "no live" or something. But today, i was feeling awful so i thought of attempting to win with a beautiful opening phrase. It's absolutely real Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold. "I'M BLACK, AND I PLAY RUNECAPE!" Surprise!" I was stunned!