The Great Divide. A mountain range and a barrier too high.

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In Australia, there is a mountain range called the Great Divide. It stretches over 3500 km from North to South. It separates the coast from the rural areas that spread to the west and are the home of the people who work to feed the people on the eastern side.

All over the western world, the United Nations is forcing countries to accept foreigners who claim to be refugees but are nothing more than economic country shoppers looking for a good deal. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it.

I am sick and tired of seeing my country damaged and drained of money and our cultural identity because our so called Leaders are too weak to just say “ No. “ What is wrong with them? Why are they allowing and almost encouraging the theft of our heritage and hard fought for sense of Self?


Just look at America. In a few short decades, it has gone from being all about Apple Pie to all about Tacos. In Australia, it has gone from being about a Roast Lamb Sunday lunch to a kebab and hummus – while in Britain the fish and chips has morphed in to a curry take out.

What frightens and annoys me the most is that the City folk embrace this cultural theft and the people in the Country still try to hold steadfastly to the old traditions and values. We are becoming Nations divided and our Governments have endorsed and encouraged this Great Divide.

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Kim Curtis 2 yrs

If our leaders don't get their heads out of the darkness they're in, we, as a nation will not exist! I hate to get all Islamophobic but, if we don't get rid of these people, most of who are definitely NOT refugees, that do not want to assimilate in any way and want to retain Sharia law, which is diametrically opposed to our way of life and our Constitution, we are done for!
Their stated objective is to rule the world and to either convert or kill all infidels, (that's MOST of us)! That should tell the leaders of every Nation in the World what they need to do to keep these savages at bay! DO NOT LET THEM INFILTRATE your country!
We can easily see any day of the week, on world news just exactly what they are doing to the countries that have allowed them entrance to their countries. To hell with the UN and its NWO agenda! Tel them NO, WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING THEM ENTRANCE TO OUR COUNTRY!
If those other countries had done that, the amount of rapes and murders would have remained relatively the same instead of skyrocketing!