Looking back on War, Life and over 90 years

Written by a 93 year old on my website. His work is worth sharing.

I have felt a surge of nostalgia of late. It could be my 93 years playing on my mind. I have to get help to type my words and I have to use a mobility scooter to get around these days.


I see myself in the mirror, after a welcome glaucoma removal, and I see an old man. But I am not an old man. Not inside. I am young, fit and healthy. I am still the young Naval man who wooed my wife and laid down my life for everything I still hold dear. Fortunately, I was not asked by He who knows All to give that sacrifice. I went on to enjoy life for decades when many others did not.

I served with the British Forces during the Second World War and, because of a War that no one wanted, I found a new life downunder. How extraordinary is that? Without the War, I would not have met my wife or had the life that I have enjoyed and cherished all these years.

People talk about War as an Evil thing. And it is. But out of Evil, there often comes some good.

How many couples met and married, made families and created memories because of this terrible and stupid event?

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