Reduce the accuracy of the map in game

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There are many more towns and OSRS gold villages I didn't mention that are worth your review: Catherby. Yanille. Keldagrim. Meiyerditch. Burthrope. Jaitizso. Neitiznot. Witchaven. Entrana. Seer's Village. Canifis. Lunar Isle.

RS is huge! There are too many villages and towns to mention. I apologize if that's not your top choice. There are POHs are bigger than smaller towns, and have more features than other towns... Let me know your thoughts.

There is a way to increase the danger in the forests inside. Most of the map was made to be understood by players of low levels. Dragons are an extremely rare item to encounter as well as Barrows armor is extremely scarce. The most hazardous regions aren't necessarily the most hazardous. In fact, the addition of boss monsters to the forest centers would add to the risk. This is only feasible when the area is sufficient in size to allow you to traverse them when you know precisely the location you're in.

Reduce the accuracy of the map in game. It's a good idea to cheap RuneScape gold make the world map less precise, so that players must go to every place before they can fully document it in the map. It's a bit strange to travel through new areas.