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by Jeremy Loveridge


Hello My Friend,

    I know how difficult life can be sometimes to find a few minutes to have by yourself so, it makes me happy that you have decided to share your time with me. It is my goal to add value to everyone who reads this. Some people who read this blog may experience a new way of thinking or may find some of the presented factual information challenging to accept. Being exposed to the truth that this program delivers is precisely what the purpose is intended to accomplish, a change. I want to ask you, as the reader to let go of the world views and knowledge about the HUMAN Species and make room in your PRAYER CLOSET for CREATION EMPOWERMENT and TRUTH about who or I should say, what we are.

     I should begin with my personal favorite quote by Charles Dederich attributed by the Washington Post (December 10, 1978), p. C5.

"TODAY is the FIRST DAY of the REST of YOUR LIFE."

Since hearing that sentence at around age 11 or so, I can remember thinking to myself, WHOA!  Why are we keeping track? Who is counting the days we have? While after thinking some more about it's meaning and why someone would say that. I came to a realization that time is actually not my friend and more than just a question to a person wearing a watch. Time as described in the quote as "Today" or "the REST OF" to me suggested that, it is a "thing" that is not to be considered a promise that could be relied upon. That actually it is a thing that now was something to embrace and keep as a material possession.

I will ask you, what is your perception of Time? You maybe asking yourself, Why is this guy talking about his understanding of time? The answer is, ever since that revelation, I have been in the moment. I have activly sought out the good things about every minute of my life. Even at times when I was forced to do something or be somewhere I didn't want. I would keep in my mind that this "time", this moment won't last forever. I needed to do my best or find the best possible reasons for the outcome of "bad things" and "good things" that I was experiencing.

The important message of this answer is that "Today" is the only time a HUMAN can control. Yesterday is gone, I hope that it was "good" for you. If you didn't have a "good" day, What can be done about it? The reality is, nothing. Humans can do nothing about what happened yesterday. We can only learn or reflect on the outcome of the choices we made or the thoughts we had about the past events. What about the Future? Can a HUMAN control the future? Again the reality is, NO. Remember I said that "Time" wasn't a promise to be relied upon? Meaning that Tomorrow is not promised to you. Never has a HUMAN signed a contract that every tomorrow would be delivered, on time or even arrive in "good" condition. Something I find funny to me is, when I think about the people who study time and are trying to figure out a way to time travel for whatever reason. I think about how with every failed attempt, they have to say to themselves, "Tomorrow, I will". It makes me wonder, do they know that tomorrow may not come?

 In my opinion, Today you have made a "good"decision to spend some time with me. I hope that you have enjoyed our time and learned that Today is the only perfect time to do anything. Included in that concept of anything is, making the change in your thinking from, you have all the time in the world to do something. To the reality of the truth, Today is all Humans have to do something better, be something better, or Create something better either for yourself or for someone else.

For me this truth makes me feel a sense of urgency in my life. That I need to improve everything I can today. My final question to you is, What will TODAY be for you? 

If you enjoyed this artical and would like to answer the final question or maybe have a question or comment about what you have read. Please click here and let me know. I will answer every question and respond to every comment as quickly as possible.

Until next time.........BE REAL, BE TRUE, BE LOVED. Life, Obtaining, Value in, Everyone, Daily.

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