Spice up your Instagram feed – Instagram Hacks

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There is no doubt; Instagram is the best to promote your small medium-sized business by targeting millions of people at Instagram. It is very easy to set up your Instagram profile, but the main thing is that what should be posted in the Instagram news feed to impact at people. So here in this article, you will read about ideas and strategy to boost your business as well as an Instagram news feed. Check out below.

Show off the product and services posts

If you have a great designer or creative graphic designer, you can ask him to make an impressive social media post by using your products. As a showcase of your products by targeting the right audience using hash tags is the first great idea to make a decision of purchase by your customers. And there are plenty of things you can do to be creative with your products and services while posting over Instagram news feed. Creative visuals help to buy Instagram followers in a short span of time.  Here is one tip for you to know is that always try to add a feeling with your product images, as an emotional touch at your images gives the biggest glimpse.

Convert customers with product tags

Products tags and stickers posts are a unique way to post the stories and Instagram news feed, this type of techniques enable your customers to make a direct purchase. So apply it and sell your products as this is the most easier and convenient way to make a purchase.

Go Live

Live video is the most effective way to make a relationship with your customers quickly. And it is best because it is authentic if you are going to organize any event; you can start a live video to show your audience and interact with you in real-time. The audience will share with you their views and will write comments over your products and services, so this is a great way to know your customers' views about your products and services.  Before to start the live video, you should first announce it, so your audience stays tune about live video, have a good plan and practice what are you going to show your customers, try to use good background and lighting effect before to start the live video.

Taking creative visuals, effective product tags, and live videos are the best way to spice up your Instagram feed, and in this way, you can buy Instagram likes and followers easily. Start it from today and boost your Instagram profile.