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If George Washington would have been stacking bodies by now, then why in the hell haven't We the People shot many of the thousands of enemies who are overthrowing our state and federal governments to ultimately murder millions of Americans?!

#secondamendment Republican Congressional candidate denied CCW with no record, No reason what so ever.
She was placed on the FBI's do not buy list NO DUE PROCESS NO REASON EXCEPT POLITICAL! THIS IS WHAT DON BACON, DEB FISHER, BEN SISSY AND FORTENBERRY WANT TO DO TO ALL PATRIOTS IN THE US. That is Why Don Bacon cosponsored the domestic terrorism bill! They want to silence their political enemies by turning the CIA, FBI and Military on We The People to IN THE WORDS OF THE CIA! “This is apparently what passes as brilliant thought within our intelligence apparatus. The former head of the CIA’s counter-terrorism wing, Robert Grenier, provides an excellent illustration of why our intel agencies are so terrible, opining that the government should start treating Americans like Al Qaeda in the “war” against “domestic extremism.”

You better get off your ass and organize and make some noise or they'll pick you off one by one!

Learn How HR 127 Will Turn Legal Gun Owners Into Criminals

Learn How HR 127 Will Turn Legal Gun Owners Into Criminals

Laura Loomer of joins The Alex Jones Show to expose how she was set up to be in possession of her own firearm illegally after being placed on the NICS database.