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Well many in the GOP are more than happy to assault trump supporters or should I say empower the Demonrats to assault us and then beg us for donations to fight back on our behalf! Like my congressmen Don Bacon who cosponsored the new Anti terrorism bill to fund an all out assault on Patriots trying to get a real investigation of the Election fraud!
WE need a New party because after trying to get the local GOP to hold them accountable it's clear they do not care enough about their kids and grand kids freedom to do anything meaningful! Time to build the Patriot/MAGA party! To focus on cleaning up the election process locally and replacing cowardice Sheriff's, and Traitors in local government. To build a wall to keep out the DEMONRATS in our communities! I hear people say it's hopeless.
Then you must not believe GOD can or will intervene at any point!
I can tell you from experience HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES! But frankly whether He does in time to save me or not! I WILL NOT BOW TO THE godwannabees! I will fight until the end no matter what that is! What about you will you follow in the foot steps of those the stormed the beaches at Normandy! Or the Heroes of faith we read about in GOD'S WORD? Or will you surrender your Children s and Grandchildren s souls to the New World Order? I just released this a few weeks ago and sang it in DC.

Free Ammo for the war of Ideas to restore Freedom for our kids and Grand kids!

Not so fast looking for vaccines to fix everything.
Just off of big Doctor Conference Meeting.
One of the doctors mentioned that is very interesting that the UK has been vaccinating in mass and now all of a sudden what appears to be Sars-Covid-3 is in the UK.
Is the vaccine responsible for this new outbreak?
Of course governments and vaccine makers will never admit that!
Another doctor talked about the vaccines have HIV in them, and now some people are testing positive for HIV after vaccination. She believes it is not just a test positive, but actually giving people HIV.

To be clear.
CDC, NIH, FDA have all conspired to allow thousands of Americans to die because of money for the Big Pharma.
They have know and still know of multiple cures for Covid-19, mutations, and other viruses.
TIME to start arresting leadership of CDC, NIH, FDA for mass murder and crimes against humanity.

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Yes, another cure for Covid that the CDC, NIH, and FDA refuse to admit.

Can someone explain to me how a mask that (according to government) can not stop smoke particles as small as 1 millionth of a meter, but will stop a virus that is .070 th .160 millionth of a meter.


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