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You're invited to take a drive with me through a VERY remote region in Eastern Idaho - heading towards Wyoming's Star Valley. Experience what I experienced and learn about what to expect and where you can camp in this region and more...


Eastern Idaho - Western Wyoming - Remote, Wild, Accessible...

Eastern Idaho - Western Wyoming - Remote, Wild, Accessible...

Remote is clearly a KEY descriptor of this amazing region! From the moment I left Soda Springs, Idaho, a community of about 3000 souls, I headed north and

It's getting COLDER where I am (western Wyoming) and I plan to stay here in my 5th wheel ALL WINTER.

I decided I needed a GREAT water hose and recently spoke with one of the owners of a company that makes the No Freeze Hose - which is EXACTLY what I (and other travelers who plan to camp in sub-freezing weather) NEED.

In fact, where I am, it will soon drop to well below 0 degrees F. So, I can't afford to "mess around" - so, I ordered what I now believe to be the BEST winter, heated hose available today.

I spoke with one of the owners of the company, and I feel confident that I've made a solid decision (as this hose isn't cheap!) In fact, I was able to obtain a coupon code for you if you're interested in having the best heated water hose on the market today.

Go here to learn more about it - https://nofreezewaterhose.com/....discount/rvacrossame and use coupon code rvacrossamerica to save a few bucks.

I will be writing a post on my website about the hose soon, but seeing its almost the middle of November, I thought if you camp in cold weather too, you might be thinking about this issue now!


Lava Hot Springs RV "report" - Oct 12th (and thereabouts) - SNOW arrived on the morning of the 12th - about 5 wet, heavy, sloppy inches of it. Also just cold enough to trip a failure in my DEF system on my truck - not fun.

It was an early snow for sure - the trees still have leaves on them and it caused some limb damage & a power outage in the area. All in all, things are good - but tonite is heading to about 15F.

My latest update and MUCH MORE (including some inspiring photos and video) can be found here - https://rvacrossamerica.net/lava21/

Snow hits the valleys on October 12 - A RV'er report from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Snow hits the valleys on October 12 - A RV'er report from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Early snow, spectacular scenery, and Lava Hot Springs - what's not to love?!

Sharing travels by RV (across America). I've been living in a 5th wheel trailer for 8 years now - and loving it, all the while, traveling across our phenomenal nation. Join me in my journey.