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The Salt & Light Council trains Affiliate Leaders appointed by their pastors in establishing a Biblical Citizenship Ministry in their church. This civic-serve ministry is much like any other and becomes your mission to regain Godly authority in government, education and media.

Now in our 11th year, The Salt & Light Council offers nationwide support and training in using proven tools and resources that free the Church to do the work of the Church in effectively reaching our culture and preserving the Judeo-Christian values we all hold so dear.

Call The Salt & Light Council today and learn how one dynamic leader designated by your pastor can easily establish this ministry. Educate, mobilize and activate your congregation in recapturing your city, state and our nation for Jesus Christ.
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Get Trained 2019 — The Salt & Light Council

Get Trained 2019 — The Salt & Light Council

All Calif. friends, Don't miss this opportunity! A life-changing event that is turning heads across America - it comes next to Bellflower in Los Angeles! You are invited to attend - and bring others.

The Content of Character Series™ (COCS) affirms the value and dignity of black America. It is for all cultures to attend. Watch the 2-Minute Video:

"I was blown away by this eye-opening and inspiring event."
- J. Punaro


A Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry mobilizes groups of like-minded, concerned Christians to pray, become educated, and take action on issues that undermine our Biblical values and constitutional liberties.