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Have you ever thought about how a spirit sees us? He was perplexed the first time he saw physical humans. #spiritism #spirits

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Interview with Curtis Childs of the YouTube Channel "Off the Left Eye" concerning Swedenborg. &t=88s #spiritism #swedenborg

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We may find the going tough, but we are here to endure the trials and tribulations assigned to us. It's important to fully complete, this way the next life will be better! &t=110s #spiritism


Hello All - This group has been created to discuss Spiritism to those who seek understanding and knowledge about the Spirit World. How we are loved and guided every day by invisible forces. A place to discuss

- What does Reincarnation mean to us
- How is our life planned
- How to become a pure spirit
- Guardian Spirits, who are they

And any other spiritual topic you wish to post or start a discussion.

I have written many books on subjects that can answer your questions about the other world and and your tr