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It appears that Pinterest has decided to take a knee to Leftism. Anything related to American Patriotism is now been branded as "Violence & Gore" We may need to come up with our version of Pinterest and counter their Leftist rules.

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There once was a clown named joe,
Whose running mate was a ho
So off they did go, to put on a show,
At Castle Rock Studio

There once was a guy named biden,
Whose cognition was slippin’ & slidin’
He trips o’er his words,
With his speech oh so slurred,
His demise, they’re desperately hidin’

So helping him is a fool named obama,
Who loves to stir up some drama.
He pulls puppet strings,
His bullshit he flings
Through his puppets, joe & kamala

Meanwhile we have a real POTUS,
Still working his wonders among us.
He’s draining the swamp,
The traitors he’ll stomp,
And restore this Republic to greatness!


I've created this group on Facebook during the Obama Regime to combat the Leftist Agenda and its goal to remove America's history. But now Facebook has been censoring posts regarding the election fraud committed by the Democrat/Leftist Agenda.

I've taken the liberty to move my group here so that the truth can flow freely, and preserve Liberty.