2 w - Youtube

Love this little Story Amanda Jenkens tells.
It's Just a Show!!! #biblepreach, Great little story!!!

Greetings Everyone... Please do feel free to post The Chosen Related Content, prayers, etc.. This Group is for and by You.. Not just me... Please feel free to share with us anything you find.. It seems like more and more is being done lately as more and more people are finding out about the AWESOME Show... If you've not seen it... Please #comeandsee, We're #doinganewthing, because it's time to #getusedtodifferent, and download The Chosen App to watch the entire 2 Seasons for Free. Don't have the App, go to www.thechosen.tv/app and it will redirect you to your app store to download the proper App for your Device. Come Join us in enjoying for Free, On Me.. #ifnotnowwhen #bingejesus


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