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Check out this commentary about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (Did you use a Spanish accent like I do when saying it? LOL_)
You will learn more from these commentaries than any church in America. Check it out!

Looney Tunes from the Princess Alexandria

Looney Tunes from the Princess Alexandria

Driving around my territory for work and I pass hundreds of 'churches' and many of them are doing the annual, 'Revival'. Why do they have revivals once a year? Because the patient is cannot revive a dead patient.
Get alive!! Leave the Babylonian institutional church and be set free through Jesus and Him alone and live!

3 yrs - Youtube
This is where we're going folks. The Lord is going to do absolutely amazing things and has prepared a great number of people from all over the world for this very time.
If your 'church' doesn't talk about prophecy and understanding God's word and instead talks about living a 'good Christian life', then you'll love a nibble of the good stuff.


Truth and Justice. The final witness of the Lord is going forth and this page will share what I know to be going on that those who call themselves believers in the Lord, should know what's going on around them.
I invite responses, input, sharing and when I can, answer questions and ask questions for open discussion.
Y'all ready for the big show? It's game on kids....time to get ourselves spiritually correct, not religiously correct.