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KY Judge rules Governor Beshear’s COVID orders and mask mandate unconstitutional.

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The task given to us in Christ is to participate in His ministry of reconciliation – the reconciliation of all things to God. If we truly are in Him, not just by virtue of creation, but also of redemption by rebirth and faith, this ministry is inescapably bound to us. Christ is the true vine, God is the gardener, and we are the branches called to remain in Him and bear fruit. In a broader sense the whole world is God’s garden and He is restoring paradise and glorifying His creation through the renewing work of Christ.
The cultural task is thus illustrated beautifully for us in Scripture in light of creation as the garden of God. For the Son was there from the beginning and walked with the man He had formed in the cool of the day in the world’s first garden that the Lord Himself had planted. Adam and Eve’s task was to tend and keep the garden and to exercise dominion in the earth. This meant working in and watching over what God had made, turning creation into a God-honoring and glorifying culture.

Creation, Cross and Culture, with host, Dr. Joe Boot.

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The world's education system is trying to teach our children WHAT TO THINK. They need to know HOW TO THINK... So Do WE. https://youtu.be/enbwQorXPjw


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