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Western media reports that the Kremlin is planning to oust the government in Ukraine and replace it with a pro-Russian regime. The irony of this unsourced story is that it’s the reverse of what the Obama administration did in Ukraine in 2014.

5) War drums getting louder over Ukraine;

4) Two significant court cases last week;

3) Media refuses to admit SCOTUS mask story is fake despite denials from the three justices involved;

2) Two earthquakes rattle Israel over weekend;

1) Men in Ireland take corpse to post office to claim dead man’s pension check.

#russia #scotus #israel #ireland #nato

On Beck’s ‘The Great Reset’

SUMMARY: I understand Beck’s definition of The Great Reset to be a nebulous combination neo-Marxist-Socialism leaning closer to Corporate Fascism. Watch Beck explain his book & Iverson evaluate it via a Beck interview:



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