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#Treason #AdamShiff #PresidentTrump #Coup #Muller’sReport #Swamp @PresidentDonaldTrump

According to a United Nations estimate, over 191,000 people, including Armenians, have died since the start of this war in 2011. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-28), who is endorsed by the ANCA, has authorized all the bills intended for supporting these opposition forces in their fight against the sovereign Syrian government. In contrast to the forces that strive to topple it, the current Syrian government made sure that people of all ethnic backgrounds in Syria lived at peace regardless of their religious beliefs.
Strangely, , on September 10, 2014, Schiff admitted that the weapons could go to ISIS and yet, despite these public statements, as few as 7 days later, on September 17, 2014, he went on to vote for the House Amendment 1141,authorizing the Secretary of Defense ‘to provide training, equipment, supplies, and other assistance to “appropriately vetted” Syrian opposition groups and individuals’ so that they can ‘defend the Syrian people from attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).’
Numerous members of the so-called moderate opposition in Syria defecting to the ISIS/ISIL and, consequently, using the U.S. training, funds and arms against the U.S. and the very Syrian people they are expected to defend. Rep. Schiff played into the hands of Turkey and ISIL/ISIS, often masked as ‘moderate Syrian opposition,’ therefore jeopardizing the lives of the members of the Armenian community still in Syria. After all, the March 21, 2014 attack against Kassab, a mostly Armenian-populated town in Syria, was a joint operation carried out by the opposition forces in cooperation with terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL (supported by Shiff’s bill)
Endorsing Adam Schiff in his re-election bid is an indirect support for al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL and Turkish policy towards Syria and its Armenian population.
review a fact sheet about Adam Schiff’s track record as the House Representative for the 28th District.

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#nationalism #Patriotism #GeorgeConway #WhiteHouse #Swamp #Traitors #FakeNews #Lies @PresidentDonaldTrump

George Conway Stooge stood up there, from all places, at the White House, holding the coat for his wife. Undoubtedly, he is the cancer in our society. Fired or asked to quit at the Justice Department he asked for a job but Trump didn’t give it to him and now he is bashing the president. Mr. Conway says that Trump breaks the law, however no one has seen that. With the fake news and the democrats in place attempting a coup and bringing the UN to take over America, and some key people in the Intelligence Agencies trying to destroy this president, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Conway believe his own words.

Trump is breaking the laws? Really? Is that why you supported Obama lawlessness presidency, Mr. Conway?

Now Mr. Conway, long forgotten since Paula Jones case (which was a legitimate case of rape) is now getting publicity from the Anti-American media and support from the globalists.

After an interview with Session George Conway was not accepted to fill out the position which he had hoped to fill with the Justice Department (can you imagine such a spineless goon to help the gang of four to torn down the republic with the FBI political hackers?)

George Conway, is as skillful and deceitful as his lovely wife is, this lovely man from the Philippines got his eyes on a job with the Justice Department and at that time the sleaze attorney declared that he and his wife supported the president and his administration (twitter quickly removed his remarks but someone else registered it)

George Conway knows how to get favors from the globalists and the fake news. No other journalist, but the terror pundits from fake news who now live a luxurious life for no other talent than bashing the president, would have run with a story with a nothing burguer. So, Mr. Third on the line of Avenatti and Cohen now claims that the Mueller report does not exonerate President Donald Trump. Really?

According to Barr's letter, "the Special Counsel did not find that any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate conspired or knowingly coordinated with the IRA in its efforts, although the Special Counsel brought criminal charges against a number of Russian nationals and entities in connection with these activities."

The Stooge couple came in to eat at the President’s table having their connections already waiting for the scoop.

I guess George Conway who dutifully replaced Michael Avenatti in the Media circus, is the kind of person who gives a bad press to attorneys.

What called my attention first was his inability to reason, but full ability to spinning up a fake story. Spinning being what clowns at the size of Avennatti and George Conway do. They spin the true, get paid for doing so, get clients who hope to make a fortune at the president’s back and get publicity, as well, for a person without morals like the Conway couple, that fits the bill.

I guess the Bonnie and Clyde couple are having the time of their lives. But I’d say that only a low life like George Conway can pull that stunt: eat at the table of the President and WITH the president, and get favors from the president’s enemies to spin the news for the globalists. Talking about a snake, I think the couple should get a snake trophy. What do you think?

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#nationalism #Patriotism #GeorgeConway #WhiteHouse #Swamp #Traitors #FakeNews @PresidentDonaldTrump

George Conway Hypocrisy

Perhaps we should ask George Conway’s brain, probably the size of a pea, if he forget who committed the crime? It wasn’t Trump, it was Mueller who set up to investigate Trump to cover up for his own crimes.

And now Conway pontificates to all of us that in the words of Mueller (a criminal who staged a coup with his fellow political hackers) Trump is not completely innocent. The stooge reasoned that Trump "lied, to the point that his own lawyers wouldn't dare let him speak to Mueller, lest he commit a crime[.]”

If incompetent George Conway with a brain of the size of a pea, had learned anything about representation in a litigation, he would have known that no attorney would allow his client to testify when there’s a perjury trap.

A quick look at the amount of publicity and texts on the web about “Trump being a cancer” spread by no other political hacker than George Conway who also takes the time to mock cancer survivors, posting that he is a cancer survivor and unequivocally exposing his ignorance about science. I’m not sure whether he is getting his education from the View or Kellyane Conway, either way, it is fake.
To come to the ball at the White House tells us how much the stooge couple is milking from president Trump and the American people.

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