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Trump’s Legal Pow Wow

My theory in summary: There are too many chiefs at the Pow Wow. Chief Sidney wants to focus on software election manipulation (Dominion, Smartmatic, Syctl, etc.) and Chief Rudy wants to focus on GOP Election Watchers being locked out while millions (nationally) of suspicious ballots that were harvested in the dead of night under Dem-Marxist control.

Powell’s pursuit is legit but will stretch beyond election deadlines in Federal Civil Court. ALSO, Sidney Powell’s battle – she is correct – will include either incompetence but probable criminality on the part of the FBI and CIA which Chief Sidney has hinted at involvement election software fraud. I believe Chief Rudy will prevail which means Chief Sidney’s pursuits begun in civil court will prosper in criminal court. Basis of Pow Wow theory:
#toomanylegalchiefs #sidneypowellpath #rudygiulianipath #electionfraud

SlantRight 2.0: Trump’s Legal Pow Wow

SlantRight 2.0: Trump’s Legal Pow Wow

John R. Houk, Blog Editor © November 23, 2020   I only discovered this morning that President Trump and the rest of his legal team dec...
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