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The same media clip talking about the supposedly swamped hospitals here in the USA was the same footage used to talk about Italy, and citizens film actual hospitals to verify if media stories are true-- you get a very different picture than what is blown up in the media-- no lines of people, bare rooms, sitting ambulances, etc:

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Viruses are excretions of a toxic cell, a toxicity which can be produced by 5G, according to Dr. Thomas Cowan:

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Fake News even happening with the Corona Virus . . . This video talks about "Dr." Colleen Smith, the key woman who spoke about the supposedly overwhelmingly poor conditions in hospitals in the USA, all over the evening news a week or two ago, has a LinkedIn page showing that she specializes in simulation (this should remind us of the Event 201 Corona virus simulation 6 weeks before the the outbreak happened in China):

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Alex Newman Madrid #cop25 hornets nest #wearestillin Deep State global warming globalist in USA

Alex Newman - Editor in Chief of Liberty Sentinel, JBS member and New American Magazine reports from #cop25 in Madrid, Spain #cop25 hornets nest #wearestillin Deep State global warming globalist in USA. #gretasail

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