We Appeal to Heaven to be free dear lord...

Pray for our nation and our President so that this evil that is trying to take over this land is stopped in its tracks.

Dear lord Our fathers, grandfathers and ancestors gave life, limb, blood, sweat and fortune to the Republic so that we could be free. We cannot allow the enemy to take the keys to the kingdom without a fight. We ask you dear lord for your protection and we pray to you to help us retain our freedoms which were given to us at birth. Please bless this land and restore your calming presence to us in peace. In your holy name we pray dear lord. AMEN.

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Take your 401ks out now and out them in bonds or a money market.


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I love in this piece both rino anti Trumper who supported biden Murkowski and Cheney blast biden for his anti job and anti American actions. Unreal. You reap what you sow.


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Haha. Antifa is rioting in cities all over blasting biden. Haha


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  • Never forget who we are.

    This group was started because the leaders of the Bucks County Republican party threw 1000 of us out of their group like we were trash. Never forget the lies that Brian Fitzpatrick said to us and how he turned on our President. Never forget the terrible candidates the Buck’s County Gop backs and tries to force us to vote for. If they want our votes, then they meet our demands. Stay true and stay on course. With the Lord's help and blessings, we shall overcome. - Frank.

    We are the Bucks County *CON