The Primary election is May 18th, The questions are open for EVERYONE regardless of party affiliation to answer. Most of the Central Bucks school board positions are open for both major parties to vote for. Here are our conservative Republican endorsements:
Justice of Pa Supreme Court - Paula Patrick

Justice of Superior Court - Megan Sullivan

Judge of Commonwealth Court:
(Vote for two) – Drew Compton
Stacy Marie Wallace

Judge of Common Pleas Court - Amir Stark

District Attorney - Matt Weintraub

Sheriff of Bucks County - Fred Harran

Prothonotary – Coleen Christian
Recorder of Deeds – Dan McPhillips

Controller – Andy Warren

Central Bucks school board members:
1. James Bender for CBSD Region 5. If Tracy Suits is currently your board member, please vote for James Bender - Candidate for School Board: CBSD Region 5 on May 18th!

2. Jim Pepper for CBSD Region 9. If John Gamble is currently your board member, please vote for Jim on May 18th!

3. Michael Simone for CBSD Region 7. If Jodi Schwartz is currently your board member, please vote for Michael Simone on May 18th!

4. If you are in Region 4, Lisa Sciscio should be your pick. She is great and she is ready to work hard for our kids.

5. Daniel Ring region 8
What district am I in Central Bucks?
Find out in this site.

Remember there will be 4 questions on the ballot for the primary that EVERYONE can vote for regardless of party or non-party affiliation.

Vote Yes, Yes. No, No

May 18th Pa Primary election ballot questions:

YES. 1, Legislative Resolution to Extend or Terminate Emergency Declaration Amendment (May 2021) Vote YES to eliminate King Wolfs LONE tyrannical rule over Pennsylvania and its inhabitants.
A "yes" vote supports this constitutional amendment to allow the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass a resolution, which the governor cannot veto, by a simple majority to extend or terminate the governor's emergency declaration.

YES. 2, Emergency Declarations Amendment (May 2021) Vote YES so that no Governor Now or in the future can keep us in lockdown longer than 21 days.
A "yes" vote supports this constitutional amendment to limit the governor's emergency declaration to 21 days unless the legislature votes on a concurrent resolution to extend the order and provide that the state legislature shall pass laws related to how disaster emergencies must be managed.

NO. 3, Equal Rights Regardless of Race or Ethnicity Amendment (May 2021) Vote No we already have federal laws on the books that support this. We don't need state laws that could cause this to spiral into other things that could hurt ALL Pennsylvanians. This change to the state constitution could be used by the left like act 77 was to hurt us. Vote NO!

NO. 4, Municipal Fire and EMS Services Loans Measure (May 2021) Please vote NO for the STATEWIDE REFERENDUM – ACT 2020-91:
Making Municipal Fire and Emergency Medical Services Companies Eligible for Loans. We already have enough government and pay enough taxes.
A "no" vote opposes expanding the state's loan program, meaning the program would remain available to volunteer fire companies and ambulance services but not municipal fire companies and EMS services.



Never forget who we are.

This group was started because the leaders of the Bucks County Republican party threw 1000 of us out of their group like we were trash. Never forget the lies that Brian Fitzpatrick said to us and how he turned on our President. Never forget the terrible candidates the Buck’s County Gop backs and tries to force us to vote for. If they want our votes, then they meet our demands. Stay true and stay on course. With the Lord's help and blessings, we shall overcome. - Frank.

We are the Bucks County *CON