The Four Car Pile Up

My name is John Houk. I am the Blog Editor for two blogs (SlantRight 2.0 & NCCR). Both are Conservative oriented.

I am providing this rare introduction to let readers become aware of a car accident I was in.

I was in a four car pile up in which our vehicle was the second from the front. My wife was driving and slowing down because the car in front was signaling to turn.

SUDDENLY we were struck hard from behind pushing hard into the car in front. For my part I was thrust forward by the first hit restrained by my seat belt. After hitting the forward car hard I was thrust backward throwing off my reading glasses and sun glasses to the back of our van (yup I had both glasses on my head.)

THEN we were struck hard again from behind. Evidently a fourth car was also not paying attention and struck the third car that hit us the first time. After this hard domino effect took place, the second strike was so hard my chair broke.

My wife could not breath, even with the seat belt her chest struck the steering wheel. Zero airbags deployed in our van.

I felt a little back pain initially, so at first I was not concerned for myself. My wife was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to chest pain.

My step daughter came to pick me at the accident. We drove to the hospital. When I mentioned I had a little back pain, she encouraged me to check in with emergency. Of course the mask Gestapo was to make me wear a useless mask.

After nearly 7 hours in the ER waiting room with my back pain increasing, the hospital gave a CT scan. The scan revealed I had a fractured spinal cord. After 7 ½ hours I was admitted. THEN the hospital did an MRI to determine how severe the fracture was.

The diagnosis came back that I would not require surgery BUT would need to wear a back brace 6-8 weeks. I am writing this in the hospital wear the back brace.

Well that’s my story.

I am unsure how much blogging will be accomplished while I am in this state. Blogging will proceed according to how much insane tyranny is thrust upon Americans of which I am one.

A little note about medical financials.

I do have a Medicare Advantage plan with United Healthcare. If my memory severs me well that means I have a $100 deductible for each day I am in the hospital. I am unsure of the deductible at this time for therapy which will probably be mostly home care.

If you are a frequent reader I would appreciate the occasional $5 - $10 - $25 – or more on my Blog links to PayPal.

Thank you for your readership.

John R. Houk

SlantRight 2.0: The Four Car Pile Up

SlantRight 2.0: The Four Car Pile Up

  John R. Houk, Blog Editor © October 8, 2021   My name is John Houk. I am the Blog Editor for two blogs (SlantRight 2.0 & NCCR). Both...

Heidi Baker Prophetic Insight

As a subscriber to the NWO REPORT, I was alerted yesterday (9/25) to a post by Michael Snyder which was a 9/23 cross post entitled, ‘New Heidi Baker Prophecy: “Suffering Like You’ve Never Seen” Is Coming’. Snyder references a prophetic speaking moment by Heidi Baker on a little over 3-hour Youtube video. Frankly I am not so sure the emphasis should be on a “coming suffering” as much as Heidi Baker informing Believers be prepared to be RIGHT with God Almighty for God stands with those who listen to God in Spirit and Truth (i.e. His Word). I’ll let you decide:

SlantRight 2.0: Heidi Baker Prophetic Insight

SlantRight 2.0: Heidi Baker Prophetic Insight

  John R. Houk September 26, 2021 (UPDATED 9/27/21)   As a subscriber to the NWO REPORT , I was alerted yesterday (9/25) to a post by...

Carry the Flag to Zion!

Yesterday I got to an email in time from Ari Bussel informing me of a Conference Call billed as National Faith Leaders Call with Donald Trump. Ari provided the contact info to be on the call to me which I indeed participated (9/2/21).

The call began with a proviso that if members managed to get access to hang up now for the Conference Call was to be off the record. Because of that I will not share the content of what I was able to listen. Sadly my old Android Smart Phone dropped the call about a half-hour after beginning. BUT this I will share: President Trump (that without FRAUD – the actually elected President in 202 was very upbeat and did NOT sound like a quitter.

In conjunction with that Conference Call I am sharing Ari Bussel’s email exchange with whom he was invited to participate:

SlantRight 2.0: Carry the Flag to Zion!

SlantRight 2.0: Carry the Flag to Zion!

  Yesterday I got to an email in time from Ari Bussel informing me of a Conference Call billed as National Faith Leaders Call with Donald Tr...

#usa #christianity #history #bible #politics American Cohesion Cannot Co-Exist With Secularism

If we can't define what unites us, is it any wonder that we're in chaos?

Sarah Corriher
10 hr ago

America stands apart from Western nations of the past because it is not united based on shared ethnicity as one would see in the German, English, or French cultures of old. So its identity must be predicated on something else. Historically, Americans were raised to feel united on the basis of shared values, a shared central faith, a noble history, and the ideal that anyone could prosper and have his variant of the “American dream”. Now, we live in a time when none of this seems certain.

Those who enter American colleges and some high schools are educated about the woes of American history, in which America is compared with a utopia, and found wanting. While most Americans still identify with some variant of Christianity, the idea of it being a uniting force seems laughable. Most reject the idea of basing public policy on Christian ideals, for example. It seems implausible that we could even generate a list of shared values that the majority of people could agree to. After all, we live in a time when there is no unity on such constants as whether man and women are interchangeable and gender itself is malleable. The existence of tremendous wealth mobility in American life created a culture that was perceivably fair — that a person’s financial situation was the product of his effort. In the wake of COVID-excused shutdowns, small and medium-sized businesses were forcibly closed, which resulted in a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the ultra-rich. The long-term effects of this bureaucratic disaster will last for decades, impacting not just the financial disparities, but also having ramifications for those who wish to seek gainful employment at businesses that value the humanity of the employees, such as by not coercing them into unwanted vaccination.

If one accepts that modern Americans have no sense of shared direction, then the chaos that we see around us was long inevitable. Instead of seeking remedy for this state of being, the dominant class parrots the narrative that we must succeed through the embrace of diversity. However, diversity makes for an almost polar opposite of unity. We do not become more united through difference. Even in small circles, our friends become such through shared interests and values, not through the absence of such connection.

"How Much Do You Trust Science/Man?">

Discovering Asia Bibi

SUMMARY: Do you recall the persecution of Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi? In case you have forgotten or never heard of her ordeal, she was a Pakistani-Christian laborer who dared to quench her thirst from an apparently Muslim-only well. The offended Muslims engaged in epithets against Asia’s faith which landed her in a no-win situation for Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. This means extolling any faith other than Islam is blasphemy. AND in Pakistan the penal code requires the death penalty. … Asia eventually secured freedom death row…

… Asia Bibi spoke via video at the International Religious Freedom Summit. The speaker list and was disappointing as many of the speakers were godless prominent Dem-Marxist Trump-haters. …READ ENTIRETY:
#asiabibi #christianpersecution #demmarxistantichristians

SlantRight 2.0: Discovering Asia Bibi

SlantRight 2.0: Discovering Asia Bibi

  Asia Bibi 2021   John R. Houk © July 23, 2021   Do you recall the persecution of Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi? In case you have...

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