New WIP. One Half of a chapter to the end. With rewrites. YAY!

Love this. I actually did hold my breath as I wrote for authenticity...!

"Don't let the title fool you; this is a suspenseful tension-inducing read. Yes, there is a touching romantic underlying theme, but my interest was a suspenseful crafted story. This novel meets and exceeds my personal interests in both suspense and romance. The author displays a solid knowledge of police work and captures a cops' thought process and their dry humor (I know because I was once one).

The main character's, Catherine, on and off again romantic relationship with Detective Calhoun, is peppered with humorous quick-witted barbs. However, you see a growing relationship with each other. The storyline also draws a line of Christian thought through it. A dynamic, dangerous, and complex novel compels the reader to turn the pages to the very end. And what an ending."

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I purchase my fiction reads from social media promos. What about you? I have found more on FB and Twitter which is a sad commentary for Gab, USAlife and MeWe. Those of us who are refugees from FB, Twitter get more promo on social media elsewhere yet fewer purchasess. Why, Christians. Why?

Sara Blackard's 'Falling for Zeke' was another hunky guy and damsel in distress, yet I found it enjoyable- she has a zillion positive comments and for a Christian romantic suspense it is in the SINGLE digit numbers for sales which is AWESOME. Apparently, women still falling over for hunky men. OK so me not excluded from this 'elite' group' hahaha.


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