Sara Blackard's 'Falling for Zeke' was another hunky guy and damsel in distress, yet I found it enjoyable- she has a zillion positive comments and for a Christian romantic suspense it is in the SINGLE digit numbers for sales which is AWESOME. Apparently, women still falling over for hunky men. OK so me not excluded from this 'elite' group' hahaha.

Thanks to those who've read and reviewed "Romance Under Wraps" Women sleuths and mystery/suspense. Let's not forget the fobidden romance!! Surprise endings both shockinig and wonderful. At one point my hubby said, "well THAT sucks." I think he left the room to cry HAHAHAHAHA. "Twist the readers in the wind." Sorry not sorry... So I told him to continue reading. He was to say at the least, suprised, thankful, AND I saw the good tears. Don't miss this book. It is for those who love love love romantic suspense and happily ever afters.


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okay so I'd say I am really tired of posting reviews for Romance Under Wraps but well, I'm not, haha, ahem. Two more here packed with awesomeness, and thanks to those who read to the end despite all ... because well, nothing is ever what it seems, is it?

From Nancy: “Romance Under Wraps” delivers a fun summer read with fast paced action and slow cooking romance, all the while taking the reader on a white knuckle ride-along. Calhoun and Cade dance around, figuratively and literally, while finding the best in each other and in themselves. Add in technical details reminiscent of TV episodes of "CSI" and "Dr. G—Medical Examiner" and you have a mystery unraveled by clever sleuthing. But the plot and subplots do not follow a linear path. Situations keep going sideways until the last scene when . . . nope, no spoilers in this review."

And from Colbrook: "Romance Under Wraps" opens with my curiosity piqued from the start and continued through the rest of the book. Claire O'Sullivan truly has a way with words and there were times when I added some of them to my quote book. Thank you for a great read."

Much thanks to Elizabeth for her awesome review on Goodreads for "Romance Under Wraps." Titled: 'I did NOT see that coming!' thank you again!! Folks drop your links! #christianfiction #writerslift #romanticsuspense


#romanticsuspense #faith "Romance Under Wraps" is on KU, Kindle, Audible, and paperback. Think "Bourne Identity" meets "Bird on a Wire."

Catherine Cade has no memory past her coma. She's a con, an identity thief, and snarky. Who does she trust as she runs, town to town? No one. But she wants a life, redeemed, not life without meaning. When she is confronted with a homicide detective about a murder she is ready to run. Unfortunately for her, she is stuck in his blackmail. Why doesn't he toss her into jail? Why should she work for him? What does he want?

More importantly, why is she falling for a cop?

Detective Rick Calhoun? He's just trying to keep her out of trouble.

Thank you, Jane for the awesome review:
5.0 out of 5 stars You'll Be Surprised By The End
Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2021
"This book has more twists and turns and vertical drops than Kinga Ka roller coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure. You'll be breathless with the suspense and plot twists. The dialog was snappy and snarky - my kind of conversation. My favorite line in the whole book: "The mirror unfriended me." Hilarious!"

Find it here!


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