Many of the 50+ Americans, remember their grade school days as always starting out the day with this pledge, we need it daily back in the schools and in our congress!


When We Have a Partnerships of Equals, Anything is Possible
When good women get involved with good men, all manner of amazing things can happen.

In a partnership of equals, the possibility of one plus one equalling three or even four is not only possible, but it is also extremely likely. While standing alone, one person can only ever achieve the potential output of one. But, when coupled with someone of equal potential, the numbers can change dramatically.

It is time to gather our resources and focus on the job at hand: to get back to OUR world where we worked together in unity and harnessed our strengths and pulled together as a team. Man, Woman, Black, White, it matters not. We are capable of incredible things if we work together as a united team.



Conservative Women who love God, Family, Country and our President.