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Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone! My family cancelled dinner for today. They live in town and fear prying eyes would call the police! This isn't America - Governor Wolf is on his way out - and soon we pray! I have a friend coming to my house and we will roast a Thanksgiving Chicken! Just enough for two and all the fixings! This is the first Thanksgiving in 13 years where I have been home and cooked the meal since my Loving Husband passed away the day after Thanksgiving. I surely miss him! So today is a day of healing for me. Cooking and company and peace. No matter what is happening around us we have The Presence and The Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen! God bless you all!

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  • Welcome to my page! God is so very good! Let us edify one another in His Word! The day draws nigh that Jesus will come to take us home! A'ho!