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My dear friend does not know that I have been led to put his journey with the
Holy Spirit his traveling companion into book form.

I have known Ian a long time. Many years ago we met through a website I had. He wrote to encourage me to keep steadfast with the lord, and we have remained friends ever since.

We have never actually met in person. He lives in New Zealand I live in Ireland.
I have seen this wonderful brother walk with the Holy Spirit through the good times and the highs and also the bad times and the lows and the spirit of God within him has kept him steadfast in godliness.

Every word you read in this book is direct from the spirit of God and will bless you. Some things won’t seem to mean anything to you but to another it will be a lifeline thrown.

The Holy Spirit never directs anyone to write something without having another purpose in his mind. Inspiration from the spirit of God brings with it life and wisdom and health and in this book you will find the revelation you have been looking for in certain areas of your life, you will find your lifeline.

As Ian walked with his traveling companion, his companion talked with him much about many issues from civilian to being a soldier in Christ Jesus army.

Many a time a soldier has to go undercover in this natural world, and sometimes God sends his soldiers into dark places undercover, growing stronger and stronger as they stand in a lonely place with no earthly traveling companion.

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