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Welcome to the Garage Board Games Shelves Page.
Over the past few years I've seen a lot of neighborhood free book libraries sprout up in our neighborhood, and it gave me an idea... why not do something like that for board games?
So I came up this concept... set up a shelving unit in your garage and fill it with used board games, card games, dice games, and puzzles.
Let local people have access to the free used board games and puzzles so they can enjoy time with family and friends without having to spend money.
People need to be social, and board games and puzzles bring people together.
NOTE: I do require a $5 cash deposit on all games and puzzles so that way they are returned.
Since I do buy some of the board games, this keeps the games being returned back to me.

Puzzle Warehouse
"Puzzle Warehouse first opened its doors in 2003, and since then we've grown to become the largest jigsaw puzzle company in the world carrying over 10,000 items and still counting. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, our family-run business offers dozens of brands, piece counts, shapes, and sizes bringing smiles to puzzle lovers all over the world. With over 80 jigsaw puzzle brands, and thousands of puzzles we literally have the largest selection of puzzles in the world."

They also carry games as well.

Here are some unique Monopoly themed game versions that are available for sale from the manufacturer.

Monopoly AC/DC version

Monopoly Queen version

Monopoly Goonies version

Monpoly Scooby-Doo version

Different Yahtzee themed games available for sale directly from the game manufacture.


Board games are a great way to gather with friends and family to have some low cost entertainment and to share smiles while creating great memories.
I think more people should set up a board game shelf in their garage, and designate those games for a local board games library to share with local people, like neighbors, friends and family.
This way anyone who wants to host a game night can borrow the games, creating good memories and fun times. Then after their game night they return the games back.
I created a local Garage Board Game shelf so some local seniors can borrow and share various puzzles, as well as board game, card games, and dice games.
I realized that things were getting expensive, and not many people may be able to afford these items. So I purchased some used board games at a local second hand store to get my Garage Board Game Shelf started, I also accept local used donated games as well, than I add them to the Garage Board Game shelf.