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Hi Everyone,

Been a while since we did a "how's everyone doing?" check in post! We're now at 78 members (give or take some bots).

If you have a moment, just say hello in the comments, share where you are from, any crafts you like to engage in or see, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

If you have more than a moment, please read on!

Please do your part to help make this a vibrant and growing group full of God's grace - how you can help:

* post something 1-2 times a week (or even once/day!) - can be something you've done (for sale or just for yourself/family), you are working on, or even if you are not a crafter, something handmade and artful that just inspires you to see God's handiwork - talk a bit about it!

* invite family and friends to this platform - the more folks we get to participate, the stronger we become as a community, and from there, we strengthen our ability to be missionaries and share our work and love for God in the world

* if you are part of a crafting group and know of other crafters who share in God's love for the world, make sure to let them know we are here!

Many thanks to all - praying you see the light of God's grace today in all you do

- Peter

ps. pic is from one of the flowers in Longwood Gardens in PA which I recently visited - worth a long distance trip!

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If I've missed a tag above or you're wondering why you are tagged if not part of this group, please accept my apologies - still some challenges in getting the system to tag the right people! The system is also still clearing out bots but they are still linked to our page. Seeing if I can dump them and get good numbers for our group


Getting gift sets ready for Adopt-a-grandparent. This year Soaring Eagles Outreach is looking for Sponsors for 30 recipients. We're making these lovely ornaments and hats that will be included with the gift sets. The recipients will also receive useful items such as deodorant, soap, lotion and lip balm, plus Our Daily Bread and a devotional booklet. Please let me know if you want to sponsor one. Sponsorship is only $25 and proceeds will go to the youth group at Mustang Mountain Cowboy Church for their Winter Camp.

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Day 5: A Star is Born

Two thousand years ago, the wise men realised that everything in the world around them had significance. They saw a new star, and linked it to prophecies in the Old Testament. It led them to discover the birth of Jesus. But most people at that time ignored this evidence and missed their Messiah.

Today, the wise are realising that our Earth is passing through extreme climatic change. Many recognise that it is occurring, but few link the patterns to descriptions in the New Testament. All events tell a story, for those who have ears to hear...

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    A place for artists, crafters and those interested in handmade works to share their work and faith in God