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Happy to share that I was finally able to pull off a nice pair of fall tumblers. Other than the punty rod not coming off cleanly from one of the pieces taking a small piece of glass from the base, they are well formed, sit stably, and are beautifully colored.

Available for $65 for the pair at my site: https://spirit-glass.myshopify.....com/products/handma

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Hi All - apologies for it being a while since my last post. Life has continued to be more challenging than not!

Playing with Fall colors in the workshop - you can find more details on this orange and white glass ring holder at https://spirit-glass.myshopify.....com/products/handma

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My creative inclination is slowly moving back toward my love of illustration. I'm working on a handmade book, out of cardboard, for my grandchildren. I wanted to play with watercolor , but have never used them before and don't know what I'm doing! Plus the cardboard is not very absorbent. I'm so much more comfortable with pencil or pen than with paint, but I'm going to press through


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Our feelings can help us to see new things that our mind is blind to x www.blobtree.com


Here is an acrylic painting that I did recently as one of my entries to the Wyoming State Fair.

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