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The 7th redemptive gift in Rm 12:6-8, Mercy, printed on purple sage linen for the 7th color of God's rainbow, violet. The 7th day of creation is depicted with Christ and His "bride," the church, resting, enjoying one another and enjoying creation. Genesis 2:1-3 - "...And on the seventh day God ended His work...and He rested...then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it..." The horse doubles as His "throne" to emphasize the 7th promise to overcomers in Rev. 3:21-22 - "...I will grant to sit with Me on My throne..."


Important Announcement - Hi Everyone,

With great thanks for those of you willing to share your work over the past year+ and in the recognition that time is increasingly scarce, I'm no longer certain that USA.Life is a good platform for me.

I had started with this platform in the hopes of getting to know others who were basically just good people seeking to live their lives the best way they can. And in some ways, I've been able to do that. Unfortunately, my personal page is primarily filled with folks who either share the latest political theories and attacks on others who think differently or who post multiple faith messages a day and little else. Even trimming this down hasn't helped much. That said, I may keep at least the personal page in order to maintain what limited contacts I have of some awesome people and gain some additional perspectives on the world.

On the business front, it's been a large waste of time - setting up a business page is easy enough to get people to like your work through ads, but nearly impossible to let followers know about updates as they don't let you tag individual followers. You can ad boost, but this gets boosted everywhere and not necessarily to people who like your work.

On the group front and trying to "craft" handmade faith into a viable community, there's no way to naturally build it without each poster tagging every individual member of the group with each and every post. I've tried just reminding folks we are here from time to time, which helps at the time of the post, but afterwards we fall back into a lull with limited engagement and the same helpful folks that have been posting all along (thank you!). With these barriers, the group just can't be what I was hoping for in terms of the time invested.

I've tried contacting USA life staff multiple times about the above issues, and their response has been that they operate just like all the other social media outlets out there (which they don't) and are not going to change anytime soon.

All that said...
* are others sharing a similar experience as mine or have you been fortunate in finding this a vibrant platform?
* anyone willing to take over admin of this group as I think I will be stepping away until I hear that something substantive has changed?
* I am going to try creating a similar group over at MeWe - which, in a move different from Facebook, actually lets people see every post for a group that they decide to be a member of, and has a nice mix of eclectic groups / interests to identify with and participate in. Both from a business end as well as social gathering perspective, the platform seems to hold much promise.

In case you want to join me there, come visit:


Thanks to all you for sharing this space and gifts with everyone here.
God Bless,

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A place for artists, crafters and those interested in handmade works to share their work and faith in God. Feel free to share items you create, to advertise work that you would like to sell and to invite friends who might be interested.