Women Fighting for America- Christie Hutcherson
September 18, 2022

WARNING: Graphic images

SHOCKING news from the US-Mexican border. America MUST step up and fight. This video will blow your mind. If this video doesn't make America step up and stand up for America, our nation is DOOMED.


The Tyranny is Upon You
And This Ain’t No Chicken Little Children’s Story

The Dem-Marxist Plan to make America a One-Party Cultural Marxist nation has been in execution for quite some time as you read at The Last Refuge with this title: “The J6 Motive – Why Donald Trump Must be Removed, The Political Surveillance of American Citizens.” You will discover a significant history of the Patriot Act transformed America into a surveillance state monitored by our alphabets of the Intelligence Community but exploited by the Obama transformation agenda to plant Obama Marxist acolytes in the UNELECTED bureaucracy to cement the transformation. BUT the monkey wrench in the works was the 2016 Trump election. … READ IT ALL: https://bit.ly/3Og2QwX

SlantRight 2.0: The Tyranny is Upon You

SlantRight 2.0: The Tyranny is Upon You

And This Ain’t No Chicken Little Children’s Story   By John R. Houk, Blog Editor © July 18, 2022   The Dem-Marxist Plan to make Am...


Since I am shutting down my Ning sites, I am inviting all of my members to join us on USA.LIFE. Invitations have been sent via a broadcast message to all 3,067 members.

We will see how many respond. Those that do are the few faithful of the flock. As much as I would like all of them to join us here, I doubt all of them will, as only a handful have been using either site. USA.LIFE has the best of everything, including being mobile-friendly. Here's hoping they all surprise me and the entire membership shows-up.