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Review for First Hebrew test. Watch the video and take the test. You are welcome to print a certificate with your score.

The next lesson deals with the Mem


Hebrew Lesson 11


Hebrew letters with a particular sound are sometimes written differently (like today’s letter) when they appear at the end of a word. The sound does not change. Only the way the letter is written (at the end of a word).

Remember how the bet and vet had different sounds with the dagesh (dot). Well today’s letter has similarities. The Kaf/Khaf changes with the dagesh.

Review the lesson worksheet. Watch the video (posted in the comments section). And, take the quiz.


Lesson 11.pdf - Google Drive

Hebrew Lesson 10

The Yud is the smallest and most-used letter in the Bible. It appears in the names of many Bible figures, like Jesus and Jacob. Since Hebrew does not have the “J” sound, it uses the yud instead.

The lesson is a little short and I will be providing a few more study exercises and a major review of all letters.

Be sure and watch the video and take the quiz.


Lesson 10.pdf - Google Drive


Basic Biblical Hebrew is the main focus, though some conversational Hebrew will be included.