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Thanks for stopping by my published writing and photography page. I will be working to keep it up to date with my current published writing and photos, as well as sprinkling in things that have been published back a little further in time.

I also have an ebook of short fiction, a novella, and cowboy poetry all set in the American West. It is titled Facing West and you can find it on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $2.99. I also sell it personally as an emailed PDF through Paypal for just $2.00. Just contact me with a message if you are interested in purchasing a PDF version from me.

Most of all, I appreciate you spending time to look around this page. I hope you enjoy the items in here as much as I enjoyed creating them. God bless and have a great day. ~ Lincoln

Very pleased, and blessed, to make another sale of this image of mine to a buyer from Connecticut. Happy to see someone create a canvas of this for their own walls.

Sold - Courage via John Wayne

Sold - Courage via John Wayne

Lincoln Rogers sold a 12" x 8" print on!

My lovely wife took this photo. We were looking to do some silhouette shots and somebody had to model, so I drew the short straw and she manned the camera. I think she did a good job.


Just sold a photo on canvas on Fine Art America to a buyer from Parker, CO. Blessed to see people liking the images enough to purchase them for their walls.

Sold - Pikes Peak in Autumn

Sold - Pikes Peak in Autumn

Lincoln Rogers sold a 18.5" x 24" print on!

I was tinkering with a photograph I took on the Oregon Coast. It was a huge rock outcropping and the morning was foggy. I put some retro filters into a color version and also created a black and white version. Here is a sample of both versions. Let me know what you think! (click to get the entire comparison image)


The morning sun was starting to climb over the pines...


Welcome to Lincoln Rogers' Writing & Photography page! Thanks for stopping by. This page is created to provide links to my published writing and photography and is separate from my personal page.

I work as a freelance writer and photographer who shares the pulse of the American West through photography, articles, cowboy poetry, and short fiction. Over the last 15+ years, thousands of my photographs, articles, poems, and short fiction have been published in dozens of magazines and websites, including but not limited to: Western Horseman, The Fence Post, Persimmon Hill, The Wrangler, Working Ranch,, GRIT, Ketchpen, Barrel Horse News, Maverick Press, Colorado Life, etc.

I hope you enjoy my published photography and writing. I appreciate you stopping by.