Hi I'm deborah from fort worth attending St john Baptist in Euless

Hello! My name is Samuel Gardner Berry and I am an Orthodox Christian (and UPS retiree) from Statesville, N.C.
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Is your church run by globalist sympathizers? TAKE THE TEST. Listen to this sermons and see if you can spot some of the signs.

1) "How to drive the Globalists out of our Churches?":

2) "The Communists Want to Subvert You!":

3) "State idolatry":

4) "Globalism: How Does God See It":

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Tonight I was praying, making it really silent within.
My mind was open, my heart was open and it seemed like
the Universe was filling it with thoughts of Goodness coming soon..

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  • Orthodox Christians are pre-denominational, pre-Reformation, the first worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the first martyrs.