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Trump Says Manhattan DA Tricked By 'Fraud' Star Witness, Wasn't Into 'Horseface' Stormy
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Just Dumb: Florida NAACP Seeks National Advisory Against Black Travel To Sunshine State
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Sharing on Tyranny Theft of Liberty

SUMMARY: Now that the Dem-Marxists have shorn up their grip on the apparatus of law enforcement and have essentially purged the U.S. Military of Constitutional Conservatives, those tools of power undoubtedly view me as an enemy of the State.


• “The Depraved New World and Technocracy”

• ‘To gain total power, the establishment has to make freedom and truth "dangerous"’

• “America’s elites finally reveal their most hated enemy: Christians”


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SlantRight 2.0: Sharing on Tyranny Theft of Liberty

SlantRight 2.0: Sharing on Tyranny Theft of Liberty

John R. Houk, Blog Editor © March 24, 2023   SO … If you read or actually follow what I post, you are probably aware that I am a canta...

Trump announces plan to 'dismantle the deep state'
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