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To those who would find comfort in group prayer - my ongoing invitation to rosary via Zoom... - now at 6:30 am daily!

With the many uncertainties we face on a daily basis, I thought it would be of value to try and help build a community focused on the certainty of Christ's love for all. To that end, I've started a daily 6:30 am rosary and virtual adoration and hosting this via Zoom so that others can join.

If you feel called to join on one or more days, please do so!

You can join via telephone or web enabled device, just shoot me a message (spiritglassllc@gmail.com), and tell me three things about yourself (name, favorite color, favorite food) so I can hopefully limit any bot intrusions. I'll then send instructions for joining.

Rosary will start promptly at 6:30 am daily until about 6:55 am. For those joining via the web and have time to stay on, I'll be sharing the 24 hour adoration feed during the Zoom and will keep this open until 7:30 am.

Been a while or unsure how to pray the rosary? Check out this link: https://www.rosarycenter.org/h....omepage-2/rosary/how

To participate in the perpetual adoration, please go here: &feature=emb_logo

Blessings to you and yours, Peter

Continuing on with the flame themed colors and the joys of glass blowing..... Again had tried making a larger tumbler, but the neck cracked too far when transferring to the punty rod.

So, trimmed the rest of the neck off, opened it up and shaped the glass a bit to come out with this awesome small candy bowl - just $40 here:



After a couple month hiatus from the glass work, still a bit rusty in trying to get my visions of splendor remade with molten glass. Fortunately, while the initial vision doesn't always hold true, I can often work with the piece a bit to make something else out of it.

In this case, spent most of this week trying to make drinking tumblers. First attempt came out more the size of a large shot glass, with thicker walls and a bit of a lengthier lip than i'd like. So, while it doesn't make the world's best drinking glass, it does make a beautiful small vase

Available for $35 here if interested: https://spirit-glass.myshopify.....com/products/handma


Hi Everyone, while things continue to be a challenge hereabouts, I've gradually been getting back into the glass work after a 2 month hiatus. Still working on getting some of the kinks out - recently just finished off this purple wave bowl where everything came out pretty nicely, except for blowing the bottom a bit thin. In grinding down the base it ended up losing a little of the color out of the bottom center. As a result, this otherwise beautiful piece is discounted on my website for $40: check out more details here: https://spirit-glass.myshopify.....com/products/handma

May you all have a blessed week!


Purple and rainbow dichroic art glass heart - more info here: https://spirit-glass.myshopify.....com/collections/hea

Have a happy 4th everyone!

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  • The name as well as the logo image for my business, Spirit Glass, is rooted heavily in my own faith development. The name is drawn from an overall belief in a Creator who provides us with the skills and abilities that we can choose to use or not use as we journey through this life, and who, from time to time, changes things in ways that are not often easy to understand (if you haven’t read it yet, check out “The Case for Miracles by Lee Strobel which highlights numerous case studies on the ways that God continues to interact with our modern lives.
    The logo image has two important components – the flame representing the Holy Spirit and the gifts that are continually given to us while the “t” is shaped in the form of a cross, representing Jesus's love for all who call to him and the path of life I seek to lead to improve not only my own well-being but to support those around me.