Hi all - Is this true????
[Hi-tech Discrimination Against Arabs]

Ari Bussel shared an email with which I had to do a little deciphering to understand the chain of who sent what.

Apparently a Pablo Nankin, MD sent a link to Ari Bussel and Zvi Raviv to an article whining about discrimination conducted by Jews in Israel against Arab-Israelis, Arabs living Judea-Samaria and among the Arab denizens (er I mean citizens) living under Palestinian Authority rule. Ari sets the record straight opposing the blatant propaganda in HAARETZ. Refuting the Left: https://bit.ly/3Kjfl9e

SlantRight 2.0: Hi all - Is this true????

SlantRight 2.0: Hi all - Is this true????

[Hi-tech Discrimination Against Arabs]   Ari Bussel email Edited by John R. Houk Posted April 24, 2022   Ari Bussel   Ari Bu...

Gog-Magog in Prophecy – Toss in CCP & Globalist Control Salad

If any Christian has read End Times Biblical Scripture and/or Christian End Times literature, a lot what is happening in relation to the Ukraine/Russia War, Israel and CCP saber rattling about militarily annexing Taiwan via Communist aggression has to have their spiritual radar beeping. AND SO, here are some Christian related cross posts that might be of interest: https://bit.ly/3K17NrL
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Re: January 27: International Holocaust Commemoration Day 2022

Email from Ari Bussel of which I begin with an email sent to Ari from Matthew Ball and follow that with Ari’s response. The topic: International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust: https://bit.ly/3g7zsdB
#persecutedjews #rememberholocaust



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