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This week's blog posts from International Christian focus on #holocaustremembranceday. We pray for all people persecuted for their faith and thank God that the State of Israel was able to arise from the ashes of the Holocaust. #weremember

THE eMAIL ON SUNDAY -  #WeRemember

THE eMAIL ON SUNDAY -  #WeRemember

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I encourage you to read this article and make definitive plans to go, or help someone go themselves. Many citizens of this country do not have a direct connection to someone that has run from socialism/communism/nazism - this is truth. DO YOUR PART JANUARY 6TH. READ THE ARTICLE AND WATCH THE VIDEOS!!!


"Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed" (Numbers 24:9) We aim to help readers discover the purpose of Israel as a nation in God's End Time Plan, the Jewish roots of Christianity and how God expects us to treat His ancient Covenant People, the Jews.