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The plan is coming together. Education will be replaced with training. "If training beats education, society dies." C. S. Lewis
Apr 22, 2010 Robert Muller is known as a “father of global education,” and received the ... how Muller “developed a core curriculum to teach the whole child.

Trump's US Department of Education Betsey Devos is looking to combine education with labor that is the tenth plank of the communist manifesto.



Stop Pagan Government Schools
The Group to help educate and share how Schools are indoctrinating Parent's kids.

This GROUP Can ONLY GROW and help parents and churches to understand what is going on here IF YOU ALL GET INVOLVED and SHARE the GROUP and POSTS and CONTRIBUTE posts yourselves https://www.facebook.com/groups/PaganGovernmentSchools

Our Pagan Government Schools have become cespools for all sorts of pagan anti God indoctrination camps.

I do not think government schools can be fixed. If Christians and